October 29th, 2009

God: I'm watching you. Don't do that!

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Hmm... what to say, what to say?
Well, first off, I'm God.
Can't get a better introduction there. You've all read my story, I bet... and don't listen to that Bible nonsense! It was written by men who twisted my words! For the most part, it's true, but don't take it so literally! I didn't really tell anyone to bash their enemies' babies onto rocks! I'm not mean, really! Sometimes, I get mad... you know, when the servants don't put enough sugar in my tea or they don't fluff my pillows correctly. (You can get neck problems that way, you know.)

I like to walk on the clouds and wake up in the morning and turn the sun on. I hate coffee. I despise it. You would too, if you drank it for 3,000 years every day. I gave it up about a millenia ago.

I'm sure you know my son Jesus, who I sent to die for your sins... and his mother, the virgin Mary. I figure... why waste space on this website and get three separate journals? This way, if one of us decides we are tired of it, we can just quit posting and the other two can keep going. Isn't that a good idea? God has great ideas! Shut up!

Sorry... I'm kind of drunk. Had a little too much Holy Spirit.
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my name is kayla.  i'm a 20 year old who lives in a VILLAGE no one has ever heard of in wisconsin.  i have a gorgeous 8 1/2 month old boy who i absolutely love.  i am still with the father.  i write about them a lot.  recently, my brother was injured in afghanistan while serving with the US army.  he is currently undergoing surgeries and rehab in fort sam houston, texas.  we are all so very proud of him.  i really hate myspace and i am an avid facebook stalker.  i am trying to become a better person.  i am working two jobs right now to support myself and my son.

don't expect me to comment on every one of your entries, or update daily.  i like reading about people's lives, and i like to post about mine.  i'm pretty open about my life.  i really like when people post pictures (i should probably post more of those, because i hardlly ever do)

so...add me?