October 30th, 2009


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It's an exciting community for all asian origin to meet and add new livejournal friends.

Come check out the recent member posts, or even the plugboard to foretaste where every member had originated and are of current residency.

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I'm 'Elle. I'm 21(newly), a musician, vinyl collector, all around music junkie. Originally I was going to be a lit major, but now I'm in school for audio engineering. I want to be a song writer more than I want to eat, sleep, breathe, fuck.

I believe in extremes, harbor all encompassing love for foreign films and movies from the late thirties. I have a weird obsession with apples and ecstasy, beat poets and Brahms. I am God's step-child. I've been told I am the equivalency of an acid trip.

My LJ is instant nostalgia, tales from an adrenaline fiend, snapshots behind cuts, stories from my life of the epic: looney bin lock downs, tipping waiters tabs, poi, raves on the beach, break downs, zombie movie shoots. To the average: working, class, books, plays, my band, relationships, French cigarettes, recording sessions, friends, therapy.

Looking for people who write and comment regularly, as I will reciprocate. ♥♥
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