November 2nd, 2009


well hello

i'm molly. my friends call me bubbles because one time i got really drunk and did a backflip off of a railing. my roommate envisioned me hiccuping bubbles like they do in cartoons, and the name sort of stuck.
i'm eighteen, documenting the first year of my college life in this here livejournal, and looking for more lives to read.
i'm mostly friends only. i'm pretty sporadic about it actually,
i'm a faithful reader and a crazy mess,
i like to wake up and rave
add me, let's be best friends and shit.

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(no subject)

hey my name's kevin. I'm 43 and live in saskatoon, canada. I work from home doing hotel reservations. in my spare time I mess around with computers, watch history channel, and eat. :-) my journal consists of work, what I made for lunch, what an evil wench my ex is, and things that amuse mostly me. I don't capitalize much.

looking for people who like funny shit, have healthy contempt for twilight, speak the king's english, and are actively dealing with their issues. if you cut yourself, make yourself hurl, keep going back to the same jerk, or took up crack as a hobby, I'm... probably not your guy. add the girl who posted after me - she'll show you her cleavage. :-D
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Hello again

Hey, my name is Holly, but everyone calls me Della. Don't ask why, because that name is from waaaay back.

I'll be 20 years old on December 9th.
I live in Orlando, FL

I post about crazy shit. Sometimes boring.
Usually about my everyday life, school, parties, friends, the beach, random books & movies, pictures.

I'm snarky & witty. I don't like being told what to do (which means, I hate authority).

Observing is one of my many pleasures in life. It's what I do.

I walk around Walmart with underwear on my head.
I scramble eggs and stick them on peoples cars.

Yeah, I like doing things that make people go "WTF?!" and they think about me later.

If I feel like doing something, then I do it. I don't let anything hold me back.

I'm looking for friends who are relatively interesting to read about. And friends who will actually talk to me.

If I'm just going to be a number on your list? Then you get deleted.

I don't comment on EVERY entry so I don't expect you to do that.

So whatta ya say? Friends? :]

If you wanna know more, check out my user info.
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