November 12th, 2009

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I think I'm fucking awesome, and my name is Lynn.
Obviously I'm a girl. A 17-year-old girl graduating with the class of 2010.
I love metal. I love weed. I love my friends. I'm an aspiring CEO/rockstar.
I play bass, alto-sax, viola, and piano. I actually started playing bass by mistake, I really wanted to be a guitarist.
I like makeup, fashion, hair, and all that other girly ish.
I have a kittie named Blinkie who I sorta named after Michael Jackson's son. I treat him like a little brother, and make him dance.
I'm from New York and act as such. Some of my blogs may seem illiterate or all over the place, but that's just my city slang coming out.
Basically I'm very eccentric, kinda weird, very silly. You might like me if you like that sorta thing.
Oh, and also I'm a writer :P

Goof, clutse, injured smart gal....

Hey everybody,  I'm 27.  I am a clutse or however you spell that!  I'm posting here again because I need a few online friends.  Lets seem some of the things I like to to do are draw anime characters or manga characters and color them.  Then another thing I like to do is injure myself a lot.  I mean not on purpose though people like to think I do it on purpose because of how I end up....  But I'm smart I guess.  I like Naruto, No ein, Bleach, DBZ and I'm sure there are a whole mess of others.  I like people who have difficulties in life like me.  So if you are perfect in every way, shape and form then don't add me which I think its virtually impossible.

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My name is Rachel.  I'm 20 years old, a Coastie wife and expecting a gorgeous little girl to be born March 6!

I don't call myself a Christian, that word is FAR too tarnished for my liking.  Most all of my morals and beliefs were established before I became saved, they just happen to coincide with my faith.

I am the most open-minded person I've ever met.  I love animals, not to the crazy extent that I'll shove a DVD of animals being tortured down your throat but that I actually care about their well-being.  Before becoming pregnant, I was working at becoming a licensed veterinary technician.  My goal is to own an animal sanctuary one day :).

I'm an EXTREMELY positive person, but I do believe that there are things my journal is meant to keep record of.  For example, something that is eating at me or a stumbling block in my marriage, etc.

I love to give advice, I tend to feel like my comments are too long but other people seem to appreciate my show of interest.


I write about my baby, my husband, events that I would like to read back on or that I think will be important to me in the future, etc.

If you'd like to see what I look like, there are pictures on my profile and my most recent update has belly pictures that show my face.

I would love to meet anyone, but if you are hateful or ignorant then please don't expect me to want to keep you on my friend's list.  What you write in your journal is your business, but what you comment in mine better be as respectful as what I would in your's.

That's all :).

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I don't even know where to begin.

I'm Trevor, or T.T., or Tater, or Teet.
I'm 21.
I'm Vegan Straight Edge

I don't know how to appeal to people other than to myself out there completely.
I watch tons of Anime and listen to Black Metal/Hardore.
I'm not trendy, so that thought can end there.
I live with my best friend because I consider myself to have no family.
I work full time but have dream to be a Vet. Teck.
I am for Animal Liberation and Human Equality.
I am gay, but i'm not fairy faggot and I am in no way feminine.
I'll probably be the crazy cat lady when I get older.
I'm into body modification and body art.
I love to read any vampire book: The Vampire Chronicles mostly.
I am not religious, I label myself agnostic, but I seriously doubt the existence of god.
I don't believe in regrets or that people really change.
I believe in humanity.
I believe the world can change.

vv ME vv

In other words, add me, i'm awesome!

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I adore meeting new friends

Hey Im 16 years old from England , I live in the wonderful city of London ,I attend college  (^_^) and I am a fan of music and Fashion, Im crazy about bohemian Fashion and Lifestyle, I love Indie and I love gigs ,I love meeting people from around the world and , Im female so if you wanna be my friend just add me , I will be so happy to be your friend .xoxo Bye

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Hi everyone! My name is Maddi, and I'm a 17 yr old living in Perth, Australia. I've just finished year 12 and my TEE exams, and I want to work on keeping my Livejournal up to date. I kinda ignored it for most of the year because I was stressed, but with all this free time now I hope I can make some new friends!

I love to read and write, and I have a passion for comic books and NERDY things. My favourite bands/musicians are Oingo Boingo, Tom Waits, David Bowie, The Bird and the Bee, The Beatles and the Knife. My childhood consisted of Disney and Harry Potter, and I've been to Japan as an exchange student twice. My favourite book is Alice in Wonderland, and my favourite movie is Beetlejuice.

I really want to travel more as I get older, and I'm hoping that in 2011 my friends and I will go to San Diego for the International Comic-Con. And then Disneyland.

If you'd like to add me, leave me a comment on here or on my journal. c:

new ACTIVE friends?

everything you need to know is in my info, but if you're lazy like me, i'll tell you some things here(:

my name is samantha, but please call me sam or sami. i like nicknames, so you can make one up for me if you like(: i'm eighteen years old. i live in southern tennesse. i'm bi/pansexual, sometimes i fall in love with boys, sometimes i fall in love with girls. depends on the person, not their gender.
i work at buffalo river services, which is a company that takes care of people with mental disabilities. i actually start working with my guys next week, and i'll be in training for a while. this is my first job, and i think i'm really going to enjoy it. next fall i'll be going to college to be a surg tech or LPN, i'm not sure which yet. i can never make up my mind about anything. i'm in the process of moving out of my dad's house and into an apartment with my bff wess.

rainbows. world of warcraft. tattoos. piercings. learning about mental disabilities. techno. metal. pop punk. gay rights. video games. cartoons. shopping. making money. learning to live sober. marlboro reds/smooths.
lemon water. girl gamers. dani filth. reading. having fun. senses fail.

stuff i didn't list above, i guess. lol.

if you'd like to add me, comment me here or on my FRIENDS ONLY post please.
i believe i have a picture on my userinfo as well.

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