November 18th, 2009



old pic. but, it's still awesome.

Name: Della
Age: 20 on December 9th
Location: Orlando, FL

- I'm that girl that everyone loves to hate & hates to love.
- Books are my reality. I'd rather read about vampires & unicorns than deal with the idiots in my life.
- I like drugs. They make me feel like I exist. They broaden my mind.
- I have social anxiety, yet I'm crazy & outgoing at the same time.
- Caffeine addict.
- I'm not your doll. I'm not your rug. & I'am definitely not broken. I'm not afraid to say how I feel or what I think.
- Half of what comes out of my mouth, only makes sense to me or those that are on my level. I won't try & explain it to you. Ya either get it or ya don't.
- I refuse to show anyone respect that is not giving me any. I don't care if you're a cop, the pope, or a 5 year old. That's just how it is, guy.
- My mind is jumbled & I'm constantly changing my opinion & feelings.
- I'am a diagnosed moderate sociopath. I have trouble showing feelings towards anyone. I have trouble giving out empathy. But, I'm the best at acting. So I can sit there & be your shoulder to cry on and pretend to care.
But, I'm always constantly struggling to find someone that I can truly care about. So far, I've only found that in books. Anyone else? Has walked away.
- I am obsessed with cheese♥

I'm just an all around fun/interesting/crazy girl.
I'm an insomniac & I struggle with it constantly.

What do I write about?:
My everyday life, boyfriend, friends, parties, drugs, feelings, hair, picture posts, television shows, movies, books, random writings & poetry, videos & lyrics, etc. etc.

WARNING: I will not add you if your journal is fairly new. I don't want anyone I know in the "real world" adding my journal. It's just rude.
I will not add you if you cannot speak English.
& I will not add you if you're under the age of 17.

Want to know more? Check out my userinfo.
Add me & comment on my Friends Only entry or to this post.
& I shall add you back.

You won't be disappointed.
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The name's Hillary.
I'm 19. College student.
I've been active on Livejournal for a while now.
I'm lacking in the friends area.
I'd describe myself as someone who doesn't dwell too much on things.
Other than that, I'm a pretty average Jane.
I doubt that statement will get me many adds, but what the hell!