December 2nd, 2009


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Name: petro
Age: 21
Gender: f
Location: ontario, canada

Relationship Status: bf of 2+ yrs
Sexual Orientation: mostly straight
Occupation: cook
Children: no
Pets: four fish tanks, & my dog lives with my parents
Siblings: older sis
Interests: martial arts, scuba diving, anime, video games, staying in shape

List 3 interesting/random things about you:
1. i can't sit still
2. i have more boy fiends than girl friends
3. i'm pretty much a hippy

5 Favorite Bands/Artist/s: (no particular order)
1. queens of the stone age
2. metric
3. radiohead
4. bob dylan
5. 70s genesis

5 Favorite Movies:
1. moulin rouge
2. anything tim burton
3. american beauty
4. a beautiful mind
5. wall-e

:) feel free!
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hello everyone :)

well, allow me introduce myself! my name is melissa and i'll be 20 years old on the 21st of this month. born and raised in metro detroit, Michigan. i have an identical twin sister who has always been my best friend. i've been single for going on 3 years (i try to pretend it hasnt been that long lol). i'm very picky with guys. my heart was brutally hurt in my past relationship, so it's taking me a long time to get back to the hang of things and open up my heart.

i think all girls are princesses. i have a strong hate for uneducated and douchebag guys. i have some of the best friends a girl could ask for, and about 70% of them happen to be boys.

love: music, concerts, movies, starbucks, 90210, facebook, my blackberry, family, holidays, summer, outdoors, fashion, having money, shopping, driving, comedy, romance, reading, the smell of coffee, brown eyes, italian men

hate: lying, cheating, disrespect, stress, crying babies, being cold, feeling lonely, feeling like a piece of ass to a majority of guys, homewreckers, working, not knowing what i want to do for a living, bad breath/bad teeth

just a few things to help you know more about me :) i'd love to get to know you and become friends, so don't be shy! i don't bite. comment here or on my friends only post if you're interested in being friends and find we have things in common<3

(im on the right).

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT ADD ME FIST, ask and i'll add you!

Безумная поездка к Бобрам в гости.

Наша экспедиция началась в 11-00 в Кувшиново с осмотра тепловоза ТУ4, который был прислан за нами из Ранцево возле Кувшиновской ТЭЦ на станции Торфяная.
С нами путешествовал Сергей Костыгов.

Далее мы сделали остановку для запечатления ТУ4 на фоне домов.
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Rust-Loco выражает благодарность лично Сергею Костыгову за принятие участие в нашей экспедиции, сотрудникам и дирекции УЖД за организацию поездки.
Более подробный отчет по адресу
Отчет Сергея Костыгова


Hello everyone , Im new to live journal! And im keeping it so i can finnaly have some nature of record of my life... If something happens to me ill be able to see what day and things like that! And Having no friends to check on/comment me is not helping me keep up on the whole thing lol.

A little about myself. Im 21 Im a dude!
I give no fucks 80% of the time
I like weed... big part of my life.
I listen to a HUGE list of music... Like today.. driving down the highway with classical BLASTING and having everyone look @ the 21 year old listening to Symphony No. 94 (Haydn). Yeah i did just google'd that... so don't think I'm THAT smart :P. Jazz/country are the only 2 things i dont listen to.
Oh and i do the whole WoW/Xbox360 thing. But who isn't now a days?

So yeah if anyone wants to! Tell me you added me cauz as i said im new... but yeah lol!

new friends...

hey im here looking for some friends to read and comment my journal and i'll do the same...

i go by the name rico or by my rap name e$o, yeah i rap but i also work in retail for im puerto rican and black. i love all kinds of music and movies....anyways i have a fiance' and a 7 month old son, my life isnt perfect but add me if you want to... im not just looking for people just to add, but actual friends to interact with. thanks
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