December 6th, 2009


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hey there, i'm new to livejournal; i made this to comment and post to communities but i thought it would be nice to have some new friends as well :)

my name is zoe, i'm 20 years old, and i live in vancouver, bc. i love music (to name a few: muse, kings of leon, band of skulls, yeah yeah yeahs, the killers), books (love anything by vonnegut and aldous huxley), and i'm into twilight but i'm not a crazy, i promise. anyway, to put a name to the face...

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feel free to add me :)


Hi everybody!

This is actually my second LJ account now. A few of you may of known me as OmgSmoothie before I made this new one. But that was a while ago now so I wouldn't be at all surprised if none of you know who the hell I am.

I just thought I'd pop on here and introduce myself in the hopes of meeting a few new friendy-types. So, here's a brief intro.

My name's Kimberley, I'm 18 atm but 19 on the 13th. Totally not looking forward to it. Well... I'm getting a new toothbrush, I'm looking forward to that, the one I have now is crap. Hah, looking forward to a new toothbrush on my birthday... It is a really good toothbrush though.

Don't know what else to say now. I've never been any good at making myself sound interesting. If you want to learn a little more about me the best way would be to read my journal!

Like my old LJ, this one is pretty much my public diary. I rant in there and I talk random crap about random things like pies. If you think you would enjoy reading little extracts from my crazy life then feel free to add me. Only thing I ask is that you refrain from any urges you may get to flame my posts or insult me randomly for no reason.

Oh. And I also have cookies. Nomnomnom.

Anyway, that's enough ranting now. *waves*

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NAME: kimmy
AGE: 24
INTERESTS; mythology. britney spears. traveling. different languages. different cultures. astrology. photography. MUSIC. musicals. starbucks. energy drinks. christina aguilera. lady gaga. taylor swift. ayria. harrison ford. indiana jones. STAR WARS. johnny depp. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.
HOBBIES; SINGING. dancing. shopping. TEXTING. sleeping. second life. spending time with my fiance. spending time with my friends. writing songs.
LOOKING FOR; people with same interests. mature people. NO DRAMA wanted please and thanks.
ANYTHING ELSE; comment here first pls. then wait til I add u back, pls. also please dont just add me, k thnx. its one of my big pet peeves when someone just adds me w/o asking me first or anything!!!.

I don't bite :)
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Name's Fame.

- I'm 19
- I currently work as a waitress
- School starts in January, I'm going for hair.
- My boyfriend and I just started living on our own.
- I like Twilight, Harry Potter, Disney, Shopping, Yummy Starbucks, Reading, Making Icons, Animals, Girly Stuff, Video Games (mostly rpgs, and left 4 dead!)
- Don't judge me just because I like Twilight, I'm not a crazy 14 year old girl who only talks about how hot Edward is.
- If you want to know my interests more, look at my icons.
- I also have a very in depth friends only post that talks about what my journal is all about.

Add me!

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I'm Kalyn. I'm in high school but I'm not naive. Sometimes I feel like I have two different lives. I'll post about everythinggg! Even though I don't post everyday I still come on and love reading and commenting on what my other lj friends post. It's been a while since I've last used lj but I'm looking for some new friends anyway:)

Comment if you'd like to be friends!

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name sascha james
age 19
gender boy
location new york
religious preference atheist
ethnic background german, irish, english, dutch, hungarian, native american, african (not sure what part of the country/countries for the latter two)
colors black, white, navy blue, espresso brown, burgundy, purple, pink, mint green
animals wolves, cephalopods, rabbits, hooved animals (deer, sheep, horses). i'm good with animals in general.
music almost anything, but i like a lot of japanese music, swing, stripper music, and oldies the most.
wears coats, scarves, glasses/sunglasses, doc martens, vans, dress pants, dark jeans, dress shirts, tank tops, graphic tees. black and white almost exclusively.
drinks tea, iced coffee, flavored water
eats sushi, fruit, vegetables, beef jerky, bagels
hobbies/things i'm "good" at singing, dancing (allegedly), drawing, very occasionally writing, dying my hair, science (especially biology), technology, makeup, drinking, swearing, watching movies, and a bunch of other shit that i'm sure isn't important enough to mention.
stupid shit i like creepy things, cute things, beautiful things, fuzzy socks, video games, books, smellies (candles and perfumes/colognes), beaches, having long fingernails, music, strong women, shy men, androgyny, procrastination, neatness, and a bunch of other shit that i'm sure isn't important enough to mention.
stupid shit i dislike caterpillars, heights, small talk, douchebags, sunlight, hipsters, presently being too lazy to use capital letters, pictures of several scantily clad and obviously drunk or stupid young girls being, well, stupid; headaches, hiccups, lack of inspiration and/or motivation, and a bunch of other shit that i'm sure isn't important enough to mention. are you beginning to see a pattern here?

that about covers the basics. i'm not actually as shallow as this makes me sound (at least, i don't think i am), i just save the ~*depth*~ for privacy. as far as what i post in my journal goes, i write about whatever i feel like writing about, and i don't care if you do the same. generally speaking, i'm very open and can make friends with very different people, so don't be afraid to add me.

this has been crossposted in many different places. i'm sorry if you see this twice. or thrice. or four times.
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hi, I'm elena. currently a chicago resident, originally from northern virginia (with a brief, 3-year stint in paris), but I say I'm from dc from convenience's sake. my parents are from cyprus and iran. I don't really know where home is. I used to speak french more or less fluently, but my vocab is dwindling from years of disuse. I've started to learn farsi this year. I'm majoring in biology. I like learning how things work. I like beautiful and heartbreaking things. things I find pretty are fog, feathers, and galaxies. I listen to andrew bird and use my favorite books are by haruki murakami and georges perec.

basically, I want more journals to look at. I read all the entries on my friends list and I comment whenever I have something to say. I'm in the midst of a break-up so my own entries are a little sad right now, but they're not entirely representative. I post a smattering of pictures from time to time, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

if you'd like to be friends, comment here or here.

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the name's Robyn. i'm 21. on my sophomore year at a Christian university. i hardly capitilize words. i listen to just about any type of music you can imagine. i'm majoring in Accounting & minoring in Political Science. i am way too passionate about things that take my interest. i love hiking, taking photos, animals, reading, laughing, and you. i can be a total geek. and completely random. i misplace things a lot.

God has changed my entire life in the matter of 4 months. i started this new journal because i really feel as if i've started a new life. i would LOVE some Christian friends on here that i can just share my heart with, and learn your stories as well. i want real friends. friends that will help me grown in my walk. even if we're worlds apart. i want to share a part of my life with you & participate in your story as well. i want to teach you. & i want to learn from you. i want to know YOU. :]
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New Friends Please :)

Hey, I'm Lyndsay, I'm 24 and from the South-East of England.
Recently had my life turned upside down by breaking up with my boyfriend of nearly 4 years. It's been a difficult and messy time but I'm slowly getting over it. I've ended up back at my parents after moving out 5 years ago, which is something I never thought would happen, but thats life, you never know whats around the corner!
Just started seeing a new, amazing guy but this comes with it's own drama too. A crazy controlling ex-girlfriend who still shares his flat, and a psychotic girl at our work who is doing everything in her power to split us up. My life is one hell of a drama whirlwind, but it's so worth it :)

I'm a typical scorpio, vegetarian and a ditzy blonde. Love just staying in watching films, reading or on my laptop, but I also love the odd night out drinking & dancing too. Passionate about travel, I work in the travel industry and am lucky enough to travel quite a lot too. I'm never happier than when I'm setting off on my next adventure :)

Looking for some new friends as my journal seems a bit quiet at the moment! Looking for anyone with similar interests, or who thinks we will get along. I'm friendly and easy going and love to comment and receive comments too. I also try to post pictures when I can :)

Please Comment if you would like to be added :) ♥

Me ♥
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I'm Eric.


I'm 17.
I just applied to two colleges for Fall 2010.
I like just going with the flow.

I do things on a whim.
I like japan a lot.

I like dudes.

I run hurdles for my school's track team.

That's about it.

: )
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I’m rubbish at introductions, which is ironic as i’m a chatterbox and will quite happily talk to random strangers but there is something rather daunting about introducing yourself online on these kind of things. It’s all about the first impression.

Hi, i’m Kate and i’m from (rainy) Britain. I’m a livejournal virgin so am currently friendless on here but hope to make a bunch of lovely lj friends. I’m British, single, Sarcastic (you have been warned), loving, obsessive, feels she’s a 'Bridget Jones' at the tender age of twenty three, retro, a total geek, addicted to taking photos, with a whole bunch of other good and bad qualities bundled into one 5ft 3, smiley me :)

Interests: Random silliness, Reading, Doctor Who, Movies, Shopping, Pool, Poker, Listening to music (cheesiness included), nights out, nights in with friends, drawing, taking photos, 80's era, Astronomy, collecting pretty things, country walks, cuddling in bed, dancing madly, Disney, cocktails, fancy dress, funky shoes, guitar hero, mixed tapes, milkshakes, prom dresses, randomness, science geekiness, shopping, sleeping, singstar, Mario Kart (i rock!), smoothies, theatre, converse trainers, random phone conversations (late at night), Twilight and fangirly moments - Team Jacob! and 'The Hills' moments with friends.

Looking for: People with similiar interests and people who will read my enteries and comment (i will be doing the same back often)

Feel free to add me :)

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Hi everyone! I'm Becca, 19 year old, fashion design student from Michigan. I have various hobbies, though my favorites are mostly artistic. I've always been dedicated to art, and right now my main focus is fashion design. I volunteer at a local animal shelter, mostly because I love animals. I have 2 dogs and if I had it my way i'd have so many more! I'm a very open-minded, generally friendly person. I could rant on and on but I'll spare you and just list some of my other interests!

HOBBIES: Shopping, reading, makeup, music, Photography, sewing, needle felting, painting, drawing, screen printing interior decorating, cake decorating, baking, yoga, singing, etc.

TV: Glee, house, top chef, the office, project runway, intervention, hoarders, basically anything on Food Network

MOVIES: Running with scissors, the virgin suicides, atonement, Up, V For Vendetta...

feel free to add me!