December 7th, 2009


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hello, i'm alysa. i'm 20, from the UK and generally a happy person, when I want to be. my journal is my escape from RL, so i try very hard as possible to keep the drama and BS out of it, but then it creeps in on the rare occurrence. i'm a scatterbrain who writes too much, i over think everything to the point of exhaustion.
i space out more than healthy and i live in my head most of the time. i read a lot of books and sometimes don't come out of my room for ages. i listen to my iPod obscenely loud and love to laugh. i enjoy spending time with my friends downtown at nights. i love Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Kingdom Hearts. my favorite Disney movie will always be Aladdin.
i believe humor is the best answer to all life's problems. i'm lenient and a night owl turned insomniac when i'm stressed. i read my flist everyday and comment when i have something to add that hasn't already been said. really, i'm just hoping to meet different sorts of people with different outlooks than me. common interests aren't necessary, but open mindedness is.

comment here or on this entry please :)

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NAME: kimmy
AGE: 24
INTERESTS; mythology. britney spears. traveling. different languages. different cultures. astrology. photography. MUSIC. musicals. starbucks. energy drinks. christina aguilera. lady gaga. taylor swift. ayria. harrison ford. indiana jones. STAR WARS. johnny depp. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.
HOBBIES; SINGING. dancing. shopping. TEXTING. sleeping. second life. spending time with my fiance. spending time with my friends. writing songs.
LOOKING FOR; people with same interests. mature people. NO DRAMA wanted please and thanks.
ANYTHING ELSE; comment here first pls. then wait til I add u back, pls. also please dont just add me, k thnx.

I don't bite :)
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My name is Staci. I am eighteen years old. I live in a boring state and hope to change that as soon as I’m done with school. I’d love to move down south someday. I'm generally a very positive person and I'm always looking on the bright side of things. :)

I am new to livejournal. Just started last night and I’m still getting the hang of things. I would like to meet some new people on here that I can share my life with and that they can share their life with me. It’d be great to meet some new friends!

Some things I like:
Watching Gossip Girl [best show ever], Playing in the rain/snow, Going to movies, Partying, Hanging out with my best friends, Drinking, Spending time with my family, Having fun, Going to hockey games, Reading good books, Getting educated/smarter, Traveling, Long road trips, Getting high, I’m not really sure what to write haha

I’m sorry this is super lame and boring but I don’t know what I’m doing. Wanna be friend’s? Just add me and leave a comment and I’ll add you back :) Oh and as for a picture.. I’ll have one in my journal but I don’t feel comfortable adding one on this!!

I look forward to meeting you!
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Are you looking for a fairy tale?

I love fairy tales, folk tales, folklore, mythology and other related subjects. I have two ljs exploring fairy tales, rescuing_red which is just about red riding hood and also contains some of my creative work which is relevant to fairy tales, and this one which will be about all fairy tales. Both ljs contain writing on the history of fairy tales, fairy tale theory, retellings and other random relevant bits and pieces.

I'm really exited about these projects and I would really love to have people to discuss them with.

Add one or both journals if you are interested

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Kristy, 16, 5'8", Australia, bisexual.

I'm a fairly honest person. If that's even possible to be in today's society.

I like intelligent conversation, facebook, comedy, checkers, quotes, tuna, natural fingernails, aeroplanes, winter, music, psychology, smiles, singing, laughter, colour, hospitals, Stand-up Comedy, sunsets, lamb chops, rain, clothes, girls, hands, piercings, tattoos, hips, veins, tall buildings, bright lights, smooth skin, boobs :)

I loathe animal cruelty, creeps, girls who play games, farts, homophobia, thirteen-year-olds who are proud of not being a virgin, slow computers, forgetting something I really wanted to say, getting txts that only say 'k', private numbers, hypocrites, when people read my txts, rejected high fives, waking up when the best part of a dream is about to happen.

I'm applying for the Air Force in January.

:) add meh.
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My names Sarah and I'm 24 from Chicago.
I like cats, whiskey, rock n roll, trying new kinds of food, floral designing, holidays, cigarettes, sleeping too late, foreign movies, "nerd" movies, video games, Neil Gaiman books, and chicken noodle soup.

I just started updating my journal again so I should be posting often. I post lots of photos too. BE MY FRIEND RIGHT NOW.

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New and need friends. Yes, I'm aware ridiculously small font is obnoxious but I feel better using it here. I'm insecure when I have to write my thoughts down because I never know how to express myself. It's a curse.

I'm kind of a lonely girl. I make up for the emptiness I feel inside by going to raves and expressing myself through dancing. I'm also a very friendly girl and sometimes people mistake that for being clingy. Boys mostly. They're kind of right. When I get a boyfriend I tend to cling onto whatever love he gives me because Like Vicky from Desperate Housewives says.. I'm trying to fill up my Love tank. So every little drop counts.

I feel like I've told you guys nothing yet a lot about myself. If you care even slightly.. add me?
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<3 rpat

Hi :)

I'm Britni.

So after being away from LJ for awhile, I finally decided to make one to keep track of new my life. I hope I can make some friends and meet some other like minded people. So add me! :D
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I'm Jazz, and yes that is an alias.
I've just come back to LJ after a while away and looking for a completely new start.
I'm unemployed, live with a roommate, and I'm a student.