December 10th, 2009

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chryste, 20 years YOUNG, ocean city, nj aka the jersey shore, in a long distance relationship of 15 months <3.

loves: gossip girl, driving, traveling to big cities such as new york city & philly, starbucks, going to the beach, peace signs, hello kitty, music, movies that make you feel something, learning something new, reality t.v., the color pink, love, taking tons of pictures, food, the spice girls, animals, new friends, laughing, drinking socially, holidays, art, unique fashion, texting, rap music, shopping, food, facebook etc..

i love new friends & reading up on what they have to post on LJ! i am very easy to get along with! PLEASE do NOT add me first.
Fight Club Teeth

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Im Ann,
Im 15
& Im from Liverpool, England.

My journal is mostly things that I need to get off my chest, whats happening in my life, wwe, film/ TV show I just watch, Gigs Ive went too and Graphics.
Ive been using LJ for a while but only recently have used to nerly everyday,
I want more friends so because itd be nice to get feedback on some of my posts and also talk to them about theres.

I hate the obvious, I love mysterious and ridicules things.
I like a lot of types of music, I love the used and the blackout, I hate pop and rnb.
My favorite movie is Fight Club, I think the best movies are ones that keep you thinking when its finished.
I also love Ugly Betty, QAF, The Inbetweeners and British comedians like Russel Howard, Frankie Boyle and Michael Mcintyre.

So Friends?


My name is Jen I
go to college. I'm a fiction writing major and that is what I enjoy doing, writing.
I listen to garage rock such as The Libertines, The Mummies, The Von Bondies, and what have you.
I like movies, I like the strange movies that cause you to think more afterwards than you did while watching it.
I live in the city in a shit apartment with three other room mates, it's beautifully atrocious.
I love to read even though lately, I've had close to no time to do so.
I party but I guess at the ripe age of 18, who doesn't?
I don't lie and I enjoy an intelligent argument.
I have a lot of ideas and a lot of opinions and some times I seem head strong but in all honestly, I am extremely sweet.
I want to move to England some day
I speak fluent French
Hahha I like to have a good time.
I don't take much seriously and chances are, I am joking about 100 % of the time.
Get to know me, I love good conversation
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