December 12th, 2009

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hi :)

just made a livejournal and am hoping for friends XD. i'm allison and i'm 15. i'm prolly one of those 'dumb teenagers', but i can have friends too, right?? i promise im not an asshole.

and today's my birthday! XD

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heyy guys.
My name's Tiffany, 21, from Massachusetts.
You might have seen me around here before.
I couldn't get online for awhile, but I'm back.
I just started working at Panera Bread and
I want to go back to school for photography and writing.
I'm saving up to travel the world, learn, and take photographs.
I also love to read, hike, listen to music, knit, etc etc.
I'm pretty easy-going and you can basically expect anything from my journal.

movies- I Love You, Man, Superbad, Boondock Saints, Kiki's Delivery Service, The Last Unicorn
music- Vampire Weekend, The Kooks, Jack Johnson, The Decemberists, Flyleaf, a lot of indie & rock
things- the ocean, chai tea, sunshine, lavender, fairytales, culture, fashion, bright colors, pasta, photography

add me, i comment&post.


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Hi! My name is Jen, though I'll respond to pretty much anything besides Jenny. Call me Jenny and it's on! -grin-

Hmm, what to say here? By day I work in admissions at a Big 10 university, while at night I am a mild mannered report-- er, no, that's not right. By night I write stories about life and living it and sometimes I even get paid to slap a few words on the page. How about that?

This year I am participating in therealljidol. If you're interested, these are a few of my favorite entries:
sunday in coopersmith
Cracked Up [May be triggering to past cutters]
A Practical Guide to Impractical Love

Other than scribbling things into the margin of textbooks, I tend to live like I'm thirty five going on seventeen. I have an incredible husband, an incredible girlfriend, I have a really fantastic group of friends I hang out with, and I tend to go about 27 hours a day. I'm always interested in meeting new people though, especially on LJ, so let's give it a try?

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I'm Samantha but most call me Sam.
I live in Canada.
Turning 19 soon.
I have many aspects to my personality which I believe lets me get along with anyone from the chain smoker to the religious believer. But I don't think a friendship would last very long if someone were an extreme of either simply because I value people no matter what side of the coin. I have a very open mind.

To see a picture, you can view my journal and my banner is actually me.

I write plays mainly. I have fun with words. I like to goof around. I watch HBO but then I'll watch Gossip Girl. I'll be kind but it doesn't mean I don't swear if something is bugging me.

To get an idea: I like Children of Men, Chuck Palahniuk and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

And dropping the bomb last minute- I'm bisexaul so if that makes you uncomfortable then don't add me. But I am friends with people who don't agree but it doesn't mean our friendship isn't worthwhile. There will be boy talk for now because there is someone.

So comment if you'd like to add me. :)
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Всем драсте!

Зовут Максим, живу в восточной части Украины ,возраст 20 лет. Редко пищу в основном читаю чужие блоги. Добавлять меня тем кто пишет: найдена дыра вконтакте не стоит!
Остальным добро пожалывать.

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I'm looking for friends who are interesting and aren't just looking to up their friends list. I like metal, fantasy, videogames, history and linguistics. I'm currently learning German and French, but I have quite a few other languages I want to learn. I'm very open-minded to anyone and I read and comment often. :)