January 5th, 2010


I feel kind of weird posting to this thing haha. But, I have just made a new start for me on lj. I've been on here for a few years, but I just re-did my journal and making a new start for myself. I'm a 19 (soon to be 20) year old female. I love to write about music, life, my thoughts on different life questions... and just a whole lot of random stuff. I'll most likely be posting stuff I've written such as songs and/or poetry.

Some music that I like: Paramore, VersaEmerge, Mayday Parade, City and Colour, Brand New, Damien Rice, Empires, Taking Back Sunday... Those are just a few of the bands that I like. I'm open to any kind of music though, everyone has their preferences :) Hmmm, what else is there. A couple of my favourite tv shows are The Office and Friends. I play guitar and drums. I like to read. I'm a fun outgoing person that loves to go on random adventures. I love talking to new people and getting to know them and having random conversations! So, if you want a new friend, add me ;)
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Jen. Kristian V

Wow, I Feel Old

But what the hell, I thought I would post here anyway. :)

I've slacked on my LJ entries in the recent years, but it's a new year, and mama's making some changes. So if anyone will be interested in reading about my comings and goings, I'd love to meet some new people. Here are some general favorites of mine straight from my profile page:

LOVES: music; concerts; photography; traveling; movies; autograph collecting; blue jeans; vintage t-shirts; web design; my ipods, blackberry, and gps; my best friend's dogs; chai tea; coffee; Hollywood; Jennifer Nettles; Mariska Hargitay; Gina Gershon; Drea de Matteo; Stephanie March; Ryan Reynolds; Bradley Cooper; Johnny Depp; UGA football; UK basketball; Best Buy; Target; Starbucks

MUSIC: Sugarland; Sheryl Crow; Chely Wright; NKOTB; Jake Owen; Brad Paisley; Keith Urban; Gary Allan; Kid Rock; Ryan Adams; The Last Vegas; Hinder; Three Days Grace; Shinedown; Puddle of Mudd; Stone Temple Pilots; Theory of a Deadman; Daughtry; Nirvana; Pearl Jam; Alice in Chains; Soundgarden

TV: Law & Order: SVU; Desperate Housewives; Grey's Anatomy; The Bachelor; 90210; LA Ink; Friends; Will & Grace; The Golden Girls

MOVIES: Chicago; Must Love Dogs; Along Came Polly; The Dark Knight; Star Trek; Marley and Me; Erin Brockovich; Prey For Rock & Roll

Of course that doesn't cover it all, but that's all I can think of at the moment. If you want to friend me, just give me a shout!

25 year old in NH craving passionate friends and active thinkers!

Hi! My name is Erin and I'm a 25 year old art-loving fool.  I live in NH and am desperate to talk to new people and hear new ideas.  I love thinking, pondering my life's purpose, and most of all talking about art.  Some of my other interests include, gender studies, women's studies, academia, being a professional artist, Woody Allen (new interest as of this year), hiking, camping, backpacking, dogs, women, and being critical (in a positive way... hopefully...).  Add me if you want to talk aboutany of these things or tell me about your passions!
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I look goofy, but this was taken, literally, a few moments before I posted this. :)

Um, let's see.

I have a lot of friends on my flist (I don't do friend cuts), but most of them don't post often. I'd like for my friend's page to be more active with journals, not just communities!

About myself?

(copied from my profile)

My name is Tabitha. I'm 20 years old, and I'm originally from Missouri. I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, back in September 2008. I have an amazing boyfriend who is my first healthy relationship, and things are going well at the moment.

I love to read and libraries seem to calm my nerves. Working and going to school, working on my bachelors for Business Administration. Just trying to make my life worthwhile.

I post about everything in my life. It's been told that is complicated, and sometimes confusing, so that's a warning. I have anxiety and paranoia, so sometimes I'm all over the place! I especially post a lot when I'm having an episode, be it depression or extreme happiness.

check out my journal, post on the friends only post if you want to be added. :)