January 6th, 2010

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Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm not new to LJ, but this is a new journal to start the new year with and all that. I'm nineteen years old and a college sophomore majoring in English, specifically literature. I love to read and write and dance and watch TV. I don't update my journal too much, partly because my life isn't terribly exciting at the moment and mostly because I'm lazy. I try to comment a lot to make up for it.

My interests include music, books, procrastinating, comedians, Misha Collins and pizza, not necessarily in that order. I'd prefer if we had some things in common, but it's not necessary. I think that's pretty much it; everything else is in my userinfo. :]
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Hi I'm Suzi. I'm 22 from Ireland.
I'm looking to make some new lj friends, Plz don't add me if your never going to comment me though.
Hope to talk to you soon :)

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I've dedicated my journal to posting lyrics. Not my own, but ones I wish I'd written myself. Mostly "emo" ones, because I use song lyrics to express how I feel since I'm not good at doing that in my own words.

add me if you'd like!

hi loves.

my journal consists of poetic forms of truth. from the beautiful to the vulgor; it is explicit and real.
i'm fascinated with older men, the city life, spending money, coffee dates at 2am, tending to my lemon tree, perfecting my ballet, learning from others, sexuality, traveling and creating.

i do not require someone to add me if they are active on livejournal or not. or to comment regularly, honestly that is bullshit.
all i ask is to read, enjoy, and maybe we can learn something from each other.


Hello ^-^

Hi guys. I could go into detail about why you should add me but that would take all the surprise out of our new friendship. Now where would the fun in that be? So I'll leave it as this: I'm awesome, you're awesome. Let's be friends.
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Hey... I'm LeAnn. I will be 22 years old tomorrow.  This isn't my first LJ, but I'm starting a new one for the new year. I live in Missouri - originally from Pennsylvania. I have a fiance and three (future) step-children. They are the lights of my life.  I work at Burger King as an Assistant Manager. That takes up the majority of my time. I love the Beatles and pretty much all kinds of music. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Most days I'm okay, but every now and then I will go off the deep end.

In my journal I will post a lot about work, my family and random things. I post pictures occasionally. I guess you'll have to friend me and read my journal if you want to know more!

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HELLO. Eww I'm 22, but I look like I'm 17 and people constantly tell me this. I'm a senior in college (Anthropology major, Film minor). I've always had more guy friends than girl friends and it's always been better that way.

I love writing, photography, and movies. That's probably going to be the majority of my posts. I like anything that deals with my creative side. I also really love the Boston Red Sox. I live in New Jersey and I love the beach, but I'd like to beat up everyone on the Jersey Shore show.

Add me =) I'll comment as much as I can and I'll try to make my posts interesting.
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new people?

I promise you, that there wont be anyone else on your friends list like me.

All I'm really looking for is people that can say the same thing. No other restrictions.

Here's my profile. Here's my journal.

Add me if you think we'd get along.

That's all I'm going to say.