January 7th, 2010

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I want to be friends with those who believe in love, who see the beauty in the world and wish to grasp it. I want to be friends with those who introspect, ponder and analyze of all things and I want to read that which resides in your mind so that we may create something beautiful.

I want to know who you are and who you wish to become.

If this you, add me so that we may begin the journey of friendship, companionship.

My truth is what resides inside; the entries are quite long, detailed and intricate. Honest. I write of my thoughts and emotions, holding back naught.
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Hi I'm Chris

Hey, I'm Chris. I'm new to livejournal and I need some friends.

I'm 25, from Ontario. I love to watch Bleach and play Magic the Gathering. I was in the army for 2 years and had to leave because of a bad back. I would love to go back into the army one day. My favourite type of music is Reggae and my hero is Bob Marley.

I live with my girlfriend lessconcerned (feel free to add her, as well) in a house with our 5 other roommates.

My journal will be a collection of my rants, shit that pisses me off or shit that I really, really like.

I want people who actually comment on my journal and I will comment back.
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Procrastination. FTW.

So I'm currently doing my best to pretend like I don't see that the guy from a semi-dating site/semi-friend site that I've never spoken to before has just IM'd me, by finding new things to do,lol. (Gawd I am such a pre-teen when it comes to men. DX lmao)

But since I've been going through posts and adding a few people I figured what a better way to procrastinate than to type up a post myself... Okay, yeah I just spent the last 2 hours updating my profile, so you should check that out. And if you think we'd get along or if you find me interesting leave me a comment here or in my journal and let's be friends. ;D
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Рождество наступило! Каждый из нас может подвести радостные итоги, строить великие планы на будущее и завести новых друзей уже сейчас!
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Hey, so.
I'm Gabe, I'm 18.
This isn't my first LJ account, I've been around for 6 years or so in one form or another.
Right now I'm in my first year of university, located in Kitchener-Waterloo.
I'm a sociology major and loving it.

I want to be either an author or a dinosaur when I grow up.
My entries are mostly really long rants because I have way too much free time to think about shit.
I'm looking for people that actually update their journals fairly regularly that I can comment on and that will comment on my entries. I tend to write a lot very often.

Stuff that I write about will probably have something to do with gender, 'cause I'm transgendered and damn proud, or... just random relationship stuff and my adventures. I love talking to people about my experiences and sharing ideas and stuff, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Other than that... Yeah, I'm Gabe and I'm a dinosaur. What of it? 
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A fresh start - Hello all!

Hello everyone!!

I guess I'll start with the basics:

*My name is Jamie

*I'm 15(and will be 16 in May)

*I live in the United States


Those are some pretty basic facts about me. I was in a toxic relationship and didn't realise it until he fucked up for the third time, I did everything he wanted even if I didn't want to, and literally was devoted to him. He was my life, and I was miserable, but I thought he made me happy. Well I now know the truth, and I've finally become...relaxed. Like there's a feeling of "ahhh". But anyway, that's what I mean by finally alive.

I've been severely depressed and I have struggled with an eating disorder for a little over 6 years now - and I'm finally starting to work hard on recovery. I'm finally trying to get healthy, and I'm not angry about it anymore, I feel done with my disorder, and I'm finally getting better. I've also been a cutter for about a year, and I'm now stopping. I haven't done it in over a week and don't plan to. 2010 is my new beginning, and the year I am happy, and start living. So trust me you guys, you won't be disappointed in what you read. My life is super exciting. Well...it's on it's way there. Haha. My life has already become exciting though. But it will just get better.

So add me if you want, don't add me if you don't want to. If you don't mind I'd love comments if you're going to add me, but if you don't comment? I don't care! Because I'm happy now.

If you want to know more about me and my life, then feel free to add me, because I'd love to share my experiences with you. ^-^

Oh, and here's a few pictures of me, if you're curious =P:
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