January 8th, 2010

Want to be my friend?

I'm sure you want to be my friend because, well, I'm awesome. I'm Susan. I'm 23 and I live in North Carolina. My life isn't really all that interesting, but I like to read about other people's lives so I need some friends. Sometimes I'm absently from LJ for a while because I work full-time and I'm a student. I always come back though. My boyfriend Will and I have been together for 2.5 years now and we have 3 fur babies, Chester the Pomeranian, Kaycee the German Shepard, and Jax the kitten. That's most of the highlights, check out my user info for more spinets about me, or just add me if you think we might become friends. Oh and I also make icons and other graphics (just one of the many reasons you should want to friend me) so if you don't want to friend me at least add my graphics community, vivaciousicons.
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Hi I'm Rachel.
I started a new LJ.
I don't know anyone that has one, that I know of.
So I'd like some new friends :D

I'm 21, from NY, & I'm a psychology major.
I love screamo music, and pretty much any kind of rock music.
I have 5 tattoos and 5 piercings.
I'm obsessed with zebra print.
The Used & The Sleeping are my favorite bands.
I'm an only child, and I have little contact with my parents.

I think I'm a pretty boring person, but for some reason, my friends love me.
I'm impatient, sarcastic, & pessimistic, but am trying to work on those things.
I love people who can make me laugh.
I love comedies and horror movies, & am a sucker for reality shows.

My journals aren't really anything too exciting.
Just rants, quotes, and whatever.

Be my frienddd? :)
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I have confessions

I start my last semester of undergraduate work on Tuesday, graduating in May with a BA in Communication and a minor in Geography. Hopefully have a great summer and then start graduate school in August, working towards my Masters in Geography. Im 23, have a boyfriend and am an only child.

I write about anything and everything: what's going on in my life, my delicious party girl past, issues that are bothering me, random shit that pops into my mind, etcetera etcetera.

I can be controversial and I may even piss you off. I can act like the world revolves around me and that I'm the only one in the world who has this problem *shrugs* but everyone can be like that.

I don't judge people-who the hell am I to judge you.

I'm just one in 6 point 8 billion people, living her life and documenting it.

Add me?


i'm loud, unintentionally bossy, a bit of a slow-thinker, a pessimist though i like happy things, addicted to romance because of my somewhat non-existent love life, continuously on the look-out at a chance to trip someone, and many other things.

i tend to disappear for quite some time only to suddenly reappear then start bombarding lj with many spontaneous posts. i dont really expect much comments or anything, just a little company. i'm not really one to say much or anything, so you cant really expect me to comment on every single post i see - but i always comment on posts that do interest me somewhat.

i need someone who understands that and wont go on a big fucking rampage if i disappear for like, two weeks or so. i also dislike people who are depressed at least 80% of the time, i'd prefer annoying little wieners who'd go around dancing in their undies and happy shit than emotionally retarded people, thanks ---because i'm sort of an annoying little wiener too.

if you happen to be okay with all these awful inconveniences, i'd be happy for an add :)
short, blond


Hi my name is Sarah. I am 16 years old. This isn't my first time having a livejournal account. But I am not very well known in the community due to the fact that I wasn't really an active user. My goal for 2010 is to start picking up blogging. I use to write blogs actively at xanga but stopped a couple of years ago and miss it. So I spent about 20 minutes trying to come up with a new username and this is what I got. It sounds interesting only problem I forgot to capitalize the first letter which kind of bothers me..But I'll deal for now...lol

Anyways about myself...I would like to think that I am a creative person when I'm not lazy :). I love music. Some of my favorite bands are Bright Eyes, My Chemical Romance, The Used, & Taking Back Sunday. I also enjoy photography. I absolutely love reading books. My favorite genre is Fantasy though =). I'm not really a big fan of non-fiction books. I would like to think I'm pretty well educated for my age but I guess that could be argued :D. One thing I'm horrible at is grammar...okay not horrible just its not excellent lol. So if you see mistakes in my writing then just deal haha.

By the way I am in a very serious relationship of two years.

I'm looking for live journal friends typically people who are interested in the same stuff I am :)...