January 22nd, 2010


Hi my name is Becca, but you can call me Bee :)

I'm new to LJ and looking for some friends. My posts are usually about what goes on in my daily life, what I'm feeling at the moment, and sometimes I'll end up just venting. Besides reading and writing, during my free time i love to dance, shop, watch movies, and hang out with my friends. I want friends who are not just looking for comments, but that we actually have something in common. I do comment on my friends posts when i feel i have something to say. I'm also not looking for people just to comment on my posts,(though it would be nice!). Feel free to comment whenever you like :). But please, if you are interested in becoming my friend, leave me a comment to this post, and I'll add you! :)
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looking for new friends

Hey All,

24 year old college graduate and slave to the working world. I am just now becoming active on Livejournal after a hiatus, I am looking for people around my age to be friends with, not just read my journal and comment but people I can connect with.

Some points of interest:
-A friend recently told me If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck (I have comically bad timing)
-I am a political junkie and very liberal but I respect everyone's opinion.
-I am a gamer and a nerd my two latest addictions are Modern Warfare 2 and Law & Order.
-I recently moved out of my parents house and getting settled on my own.
-I am a dork

My journal is friends only just comment and i'll add you :-)

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Guten Tag.

I am looking for more friends on LJ, not because I care if people read my journal entries, but because I'm desperate for some more interesting journals to read.

Anything you should know about me is in my userinfo. I lock all of my entries but one, so people have a taste of what my journal is like before they add me.

Auf Wiedersehen.
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Следи за уникальными подборками скетчей для татуировок на gog0trash! Такого вы ненайдете на обычных тату катологах, работы которых уже замозолили глаза! Самые последние эскизы и фотки татух, а также, как всегда трэш арт со свего мира ждет вас на http://gog0trash.livejournal.com/ ! Журнал живой и у нас своя туса! Присоединяйся!:) GO!GO! THRASH!

What's up?

I recently returned to LJ after a long hiatus and am looking to add some new friends. My journal is friends only and mainly a creative outlet. I usually post about subjects I know and love, which include my dreams, music and film discoveries, freewriting, random stories/thoughts, and photography.

- Basics: 22, Virgo, Christian, young at heart, southern girl with a colorful imagination living in a dull town.
- Music: Björk, Tori Amos, Charlotte Martin, Susumu Yokota, Judy Garland, Queen, Laura Nyro. I listen to just about anything these days, but I particularly love listening to female vocalists, experimental, pop, folk, and most electronic and ambient music.
- Movies: Anything starring Anthony Hopkins, Mickey Rourke, or David Strathairn! They're like, my holy trinity of awesome actors. I also like Gene Kelly, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Woody Allen, and Lon Chaney Sr. I also have a sweet spot for underappreciated actors and actresses.
- TV: I don't really keep up with current TV, except The Soup and Saturday Night Live. I usually watch reruns of comedies like Full House, The Golden Girls, MST3K, Reno 911, The Critic, and Married With Children.
- Other interests: web page design and computers, entertainment news/pop culture, food, some video games (pokemon, grand theft auto), Goodwill, nostalgia, dreams/interpretation, theatre, and discovering new music.

So if you're looking for some random, somewhat creative commentary written by an oddball from the south on your friends page, feel free to add me. I also want to mention that I don't post daily, but I read my friends page frequently.