January 28th, 2010


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Hello everyone.

My name is Nate. I'm 24 years old and I live close to Chicago, IL.

I`m looking for some new friends. I don't update that often, but I do try and comment as much as possible. I'm a pretty open minded person. I love meeting new and interesting people.

I'm into music, movies, photography, writing, reading, fishing, hunting, cars, cooking, football...as well as other various things and activities.

I want to be a US Marine like my Daddy, may he rest in peace.

I want to be an Emergency Medical Technician someday.

I'm in a band. I want to open a Hookah bar. I have 4 dogs.

If you'd like to be my friend just comment and I'll add you.

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hello, my name is nicole
i'm 23 years old
i live in new york & i love going into the city
i am happily engaged to my fiance, we have been together for 3 years
i don't drink or do drugs.. but i don't mind if anyone else does
i text more than i talk on the phone
i like to sing & dance
i have two awesome ferrets... dominic & skids
i love love music, but who doesn't? hah
animal fan. i love animals, all kinds of animals.. i'd pretty much to anything to save an animal
i love my ps3 & nintendo 64
i enjoy going on road trips out of the blue
penguins & dolphins are my favorite things
my hero is my mom, i don't know what i'd do without her...
i write about my days pretty much, i like to read other's journals and comment.
i like to give advice...
i'm just a laid back chill girl, wanna be friends? please send me a message on my journal so i know to add you back! :)
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>.> hello lj world

Hello there friendly community members! I'm here to see if i can supplement my collection of good LJ friends.

I'm Paul, a web designer living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I like all sorts from music to manga, gaming to ...hmm something else beginning with G. Feel free to make suggestions in a comment! :)

I mostly write whilst trying to pass the time at work, but i cover all kinds of topics, not just work. I don't post meme's (tho i sometimes do them just to see what result i get hah), I very rarely post "down" entries as i try to keep my LJ in an upbeat condition :) I comment where i can and when i can. I'm friendly, very open-minded and totally non-judgemental. Like making new friends and hope that finding some new people will help inspire even more posting and interaction.

If none of that interests you, well dammit!I can't offer monetary incentives :( Have a peek at my LJ and see if the posts make you smile or laugh, or maybe interest you in some way. Intellectually, spiritually, lol.

Give me a go, you might just like it :p

X-posted a few places, sorry if i end up spamming your friends pages ;)
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I posted here about a year ago and found some really interesting people so I decided to try again.

I'm a 21 year old college senior majoring in English and Spanish.

I think that movies and music can do a better job of describing me than I can myself so here we go.
movies: Memoirs of a Geisha, Shortbus, Running with Scissors, the Hangover, 500 days of Summer, Away we go, Pan's Labyrinth 
music: Lykke Li, Tegan and Sara, The Editors, Avett Brothers, Blitzen Trapper, A Fine Frenzy, Zac Brown Band, Bob Marley

My journal is friends only, but I keep a few entries public. Feel free to check those out. If you'd like to be LJ friends, please comment on the friends only entry in my journal. Let me know a little about you after I add you or I'll delete you - I don't like "strangers" reading about my life.

Movies, Music, thoughts of Love and Life)


I write about the following topics:

- Music that I love

- Movies (I love French cinema - very much, Tim Burton, and other ones)

- Life

- Love

I am just starting this journal, but I write for a while already in my Russian-spoken one ( http://reading-around.livejournal.com/ ). You can also glance there to get the picture if you like and read it if you're in the Russian mood))).

I am happy to make mutual friends who speak ENglish and French (oui je parle francais).

I will add everybody, though of course I am especially happy to meet like-minded people from any countries.

I also love cooking actually))). But I don't write about it yet))).


I've been on LJ quite a few weeks now and I'm posting this again cause I want to gain new friends here ^^
So here goes, Hi. ~
You can call me Miyu and I'm 18 years old.
I like Kpop, ulzzang, gyaru and FOB stuff.
I'm really talkative and such so don't be shy and feel free to send me a message or comment!
Thank you guys!~

Here's a picture of me if you're wondering what I look like: 
(Sorry for the crappy pic ^^, I was trying to look all Ulzzangy and here's the result. LOL.)