January 30th, 2010

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Hello! Name's Tara, I'm an 18 year old college freshman in Northern Ohio. Right now I have no idea what I want to do with my life. My time is mainly taken up by the few friends I have and the many many obsessions.
I really love music, mainly "Classic Rock." My favorite band of all time is The Who followed closely by the Beatles, Dylan, Bowie, Floyd, Zeppelin and so on and so forth. I also really like more indie-esq stuff. State Radio is also one of my very favorite bands along with the Decemberists, Dispatch, Wolf Parade, etc.
As for other things I love The Mighty Boosh, Scrubs, Colin Firth, Robert Downey Jr. and (most) movies in general. I rather wish I could have lived in the 1960's 70's or 80's. (Time travel. Invent it.)
My journal mainly consists of random rants and the like, I try not to get too deep or depressing, that would make my journal incredibly boring wouldn't it? Oh, and sometimes I have a very odd sense of humor. Sarcasm is a friend of mine.

Please feel free to comment and of course add me! I feel like I just put out a personal add. :D
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I  am 23 years old.
I love to write (whether I am good or not you can decide)
I am very much into old legends and History.
I am a cat person.
Fave color is purple.
I live in Florida
I go to college
I have no idea what I want to do with my life

I just joined livejournal today but I anticipate writing lots of entries and commenting on my friends journals!
I love to take pictures
I am a Capricorn
I talk a lot
I have a sarcastic sense of humor
Seriously I speak sarcasm
I love anything to do with books, music, movies, or history
I want to own a wolf, or a tiger
I never grew up

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Hi all!

My name is Jaymi and I'm 25 years old. I live by myself in western PA and I work as a nursing assistant.

I was on LJ many years ago and deleted my account. However, to pass some time...I've decided to join again!

Some things about me...

  • I love celebrity gossip
  • Decorating is a passion of mine
  • I'm a *huge* animal lover
  • Broccoli is probably my favorite food
  • I like discovering new music
  • I am a nerd
  • Laughter is my favorite sound
  • Christina Aguilera is my idol
  • Award season (GG's, Oscars, Grammy's, etc.) excites me
  • I find joy in driving around in my car
  • I want to travel the world someday
All are welcome to add me as a friend! But please, no creeps. =)
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Fernando <3

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Hello, I'm Charlotte/Lottie.
I'm English, currently living in Liverpool, where I go to university (studying Spanish and Portuguese).
I like old British comedy, cooking Italian food, playing the piano, and generally being silly.
Feel free to add me if you think it sounds like we'd get on.

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My name is Bailey, though I also go by Pixie. I am 20, and will be 21 in two months.
I am a lesbian, and live with my wife. Legally speaking, she is just a fiance, though we were handfasted April 15, 2009, so we consider ourselves married.
I currently work at LifeTouch as a Senior Photographer.
I am Wiccan.
I like to play video games. I love Mario and Sonic. I have a Wii, DSi, and PS2.
I read on occasion. I read true stories/self-help like Prozac Nation and Wasted. As well as 'young adults' like Ellen Hopkins and Harry Potter. As well as adult fiction, James Patterson and Iris Johanson.
I like all kinds of movies, though scary/thriller/horror are my favorites.
I listen to almost any kind of music. I will listen to the Beatles to Pink Floyd, Nirvana to Pearl Jam, Lady Gaga to P!nk. My music taste varies, though I gravitate more towards rock/punk/industrial and DnB/electro/techno/etc.
I consider myself to be pretty crafty. I like to sew and knit.
I'm also pretty artsy. I like to draw and paint.
I love taking pictures. I am going to school for Photography.
I love going to clubs and dancing my ass off.

I will add pretty much anyone. As long as we have something in common.
Because of what I write about, I would prefer friends to be 16+. (A mature 16, please.)
I don't update daily, though I try to as often as I can and at least once a week.
I read my friends page at least once a day, if I am off work, then multiple times a day.
I will read all of your entries, but I won't comment unless I have something to say.
I don't expect comments on every single entry I post, but occasion ones would be awesome.

Please comment on my friends only entry or here, and I will add you back!
If there is anything else you would like to know, please ask!

Есть в ЖЖ такой юзер, который меня восхищает!

Своим упорством, успехом, умением жить и особенно - большим любящим сердцем.
Этот человек с одной стороны - такой же, как и большинство из нас - имеет семью, работу, собственные заботы.
Но одновременно он не безразличен к заботам других людей. Что, согласитесь, встречается не часто. Этот человек делает все, что в его силах, чтобы мир стал лучше, чтобы люди чаще улыбались, чтобы решались проблемы тех, кому очень плохо, чтобы сильные учились раскрывать свои сердца (что, как мне кажется, еще важнее)...
К нему, часто обращаются за помощью полностью отчаявшиеся люди, которым идти больше некуда. Иногда он помогает сам молча. А иногда - дает возможность и другим потренировать свое сердце, поупражняться в доброте. Тогда этот ЖЖ юзер пишет в своем журнале: ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, ПОМОГИТЕ!!!
Когда видите такой пост, просто помните: не для себя просит, а для вас...

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I'm sixteen.  I'm stubbornly moderate when it comes to politics.  I like to analyze what makes people attach themselves eternally to ideas and religions.   I'm open to challenging the ideas already accepted to be true by society, such as the concepts of good and evil and love.  I enjoy debating about philosophy and innate human nature and history.  There is nothing that makes me happier than performing onstage in musicals.  Just like everyone else, I want to be envied.  I'm afraid that nothing in life will satisfy me, and I'll never be able to accomplish anything that I believe is noteworthy.  I study and analyze the lives of fictional characters because they distract me from myself and allow me to analyze human behavior.  The concept of war intrigues me more than anything else.   I really enjoy Heroes, Band of Brothers, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and Harry Potter.   I set unrealistically high expectations for what I can accomplish.  I want to understand why anyone/anything would decide to create the universe.  And just like every single person, naive teenage girl or not, I want to be loved and accepted.

Yeah, horrible picture quality.  I know.

Beautiful Nerd


My name is Amanda, i'm 22, and hope to someday find a job as a high school English teacher.
This is a new journal, but I am far from new to LJ.
I love photography and many of my posts contain pictures.
I am also a music geek. My tastes vary and change often depending on what is going on in my life.
I'm currently working on my Master's degree.
I enjoy coloring and going to the zoo.
I love comedy and laughing.
The Goonies is my favorite movie of all time and has been since I was a little kid.
Sometimes I am scatter brained and all over the place.
I'm quirky and fun.

I post at least two times a week and frequently comment on friend's entries.
I am always happy for more journals to read.
Send me a message if you add me so that I know to add you back as well.
18+ only please

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