February 3rd, 2010


Looking for friends, new to LJ


I am from the UK, 42 yrs old. Engaged with 2 children.
I am new to LJ and am looking for friends to add me.
I like cooking, reading, listening to music, watching tv, movies but to name a few.
I have 4 cats, i love cats.

Please don't be put off when you see my profile, i will put lots of happy things there too...lol.
Please add me as a friend if you fancy a chat or just comment on my profile and i will check out yours too.

Thank you for reading this.

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I'm Sara, I am nineteen, and I am from Michigan.

I am a college student, I work at a mental health agency and I do vocals for a local indie/alternative band. I am interested in travel, love, history, documentaries, art of all sorts, reading/writing, adventure and philosophy.

I post A LOT, and I like to read and comment on all of my friend's journals. A lot of my entries are ramblings about life and my goals (I am very goal oriented). I sometimes post about sex, but I put that kind of stuff behind a cut. I post a lot of pictures, and will probably start adding lyrics/poems that I write and my art pretty soon.

I'd like to befriend other artists, writers, or people that have something interesting to say. I really want to befriend people that I can actually talk to and get to know.

That's about it. To add me, please comment here, and tell me a little bit about yourself. I will add you first.
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Hey, I'm interested in some new people to add on LJ or to talk to on AIM, whichever is fine. I'm a straight guy, but I really just want to chat with anyone... both small talk and profound philosophical questions are cool with me. I'm interested in music such as Tool, Mastodon, Metallica, Bright Eyes, Deftones etc. It would be sweet to talk about music or lyrics.

I just love talking to people.

Comment to be added
AIM: cercamyth

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My name is Emma (Also called Meltdown), I'm almost 18 years old and live in Sweden.
I'm a huge fan of computers, and I love computer games. I also love writing, reading, photography, drawing and stuff like that. I study journalism in Uppsala, Sweden and like being with my friends when I'm not in School.

People say I'm a funny and really random girl and I'm often described as "one of the guys". Well I can be like a girl sometimes but I actually enjoy being one of the guys.

So, I'm posting this because I want too get to know people all over the world. My main language is Swedish but I talk good English (I like to think so anyway), I also know some Spanish and Japanese.

So People all over the world, add me please :D
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Hello Hello

--Working on 101 in 1001 days. I have 101 goals to meet. It is mostly documented in my journal.
--Love to write short stories/poetry
--Play guitar and love all types of music
--23 years old/Georgia
--Looking for people that post regularly, comment regularly, and loves life

Add me!

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Hello :)  I'm not new to an online journal, I am however new to having one where people I regularly meet are not in it.  Where all thoughts are going to be put out, just for people who don't know me to weed through.  This is the bit that interests me most - the idea that somebody could know more about your life that has never met you than someone you see almost every day.

Just a couple of things:
1)  This journal is friends only, but it is most likely that if you add me you'll be added back faster than you can say add me ;)
2)  What I say is my personal opinions, and I won't hold back.  This makes it sound like something that will be interesting to read when to be honest, I am just your average 16 year old girl.  Nothing said here would ever change the world, and I'm under no illusion.
3)  In general, I have a great priveleged life, amazing friends and get on well with my family.  Sadly, this journal will probably make me look like a pessimist, but sometimes you just need to vent!

Just add me, i'll add you back and comment and read your journals :)

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i'm korean and i'm 18 years old.
i'm not good at english but I want to learn more and help is good. I want to improve myself ^o^

My interest are music, korea, shopping and friends. I really like korean music but asian in general too.

I'm kind-hearted and nice *sweet face*
I'm new at livejournal, but I like a lot here and the communities...

have a nice day!
and become friends with me ^3^

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new friends please :)

I'm Nikki, 19 years old.
I'm a graphic design major, getting my associates in may :D I live in PA.
My interests consist of drawing, photography, art of mostly any kind, driving, trying anything new, meeting new people, music.

My musical interest is very wide. I mostly like death metal, metalcore, hardcore, etc. but to name some: After the Burial, Blacklisted, Terror, Recon, The Black Dahlia Murder, Brand New, Mogwai, Armor For Sleep, Paramore, Oceano, City and Colour, Jack Johnson, Salt the Wound, Trapped Under Ice, Ceremony.

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