February 5th, 2010

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I do have LJ friends, very loyal ones at that (going on 4+ years with some) but I am looking for new people to connect with. Nothing wrong with trying to increase your social circle. Online, at that!

So, I'll start out with; My name is Sarah, I'm 21, I am in my 6th semester in college; (Programming and Graphic Design). I absolutely love animals. I am all for their rights but the irony in this all is..I'm a huge meat eater, haha. Well, I'm from the south, we love meat! But, I only eat organic meat; local farms who treat their cows, pigs, birds good and actually feed them the right kinds of food. So, I suppose that's good enough. I am online at least twice a day so I will more than likely comment on entries. I am very open-minded non judgmental (in the very least, I'd have to say). I tend to get a long with anyone and I'm not easily offended. I am easily annoyed but that's with daily life. I work with children (mainly 3 and 4 year olds), I tend to blog about them and sometimes post pictures from my work. I also like to vent ...so I have an awful habit and that would be cursing. And, I am typically blunt.. so... let's be friends! :)
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Hi there :)

I'm a guy from Japan, living in Sydney, Australia.
I've stayed in Melbourne for a year in the past, so it's been like two years in Aus.

I am doing a Master and struggling with a dissertation now..
Probably, I'm going back to Japan after this.
I've just created an LJ account and I'd like to make friends all over the world :D

I don't care about your age, gender, nationality or religion.
But I just care whether you are friendly and respectful to others :)

If you are interested, comment and add me please :)
orange cutie pie

You + me = friends?

 I have a love/ relationship with add me communities. I love them because I get to befriend some really awesome people, but at the same time, I hate them because everyone and their mother adds you, then you end up with a list full of people that you could care less about =) Im actaully really nice, but I dont take bullshit.  I comment when I have something to say, but i ALWAYS read..

This is my about me taken right out of my profile, it took along time to come up with this and im not about to make another ;)

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I keep my journal friends only. Most of the time I add just anyone.. but this time im going to be a bit selective - please dont take offense.. Its only live journal after all =)  In my journal you'll find rants/ praises about my wonderful girlfriend and our relationship of a year and a half, song lyrics (i love love love Lady Gaga and Pink.. so if you hate them, we wont get along..) random thoughts, lists ( i like to be semi organized), pictures (but not all of the time), and whatever else happens to be on my mind for that day. Sometimes I post once a day, twice a day, sometimes even more, depending on whats going on.. sometimes im MIA for a week or so..

So, long story short, if you think we could get along and maybe even learn something from eachother, dont hesitate to add me =)

we should be frieeeends!

Hi there!  I'm Krissi.  I'm not new to LJ--I've been using it for a good few years now, but I only semi-recently got this one, and all.  I'm 18, doing my 2nd semester of college.  There's really nothing of major "importance" in my journal--a lot of babbling about my day-to-day life, classes, drama, etc.  There's probably nothing here that you haven't seen before, really.

My journal is friends-locked, but I love adds, I like random people adding me; I like to talk to people.  I'm online a lot, since I have downtime between classes, and I would probably comment a lot.  <3


Name: Jess
Age: 21
Location: South Wales, UK (termtime: Cambridge, UK)
Main Fandoms: (at the moment!) Half Moon Investigations, Jeeves and Wooster, Life on Mars (UK), Sherlock Holmes, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Young Dracula.
Fannish Interests: I mostly read / write slash fic, although I do get inspired to draw / vid from time to time. I love picking apart the canon with other fans and general squeeing. =D

Favourite Movies: Dirty Dancing, Grease, Mermaids, Priest, Pretty in Pink, The Orphanage, Ring, etc.
TV Shows: Ashes to Ashes, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, Father Ted, Gavin and Stacey, Life on Mars, Midsomer Murders, On The Buses, Pobol y Cwm, Professionals, Quincey, Rownd a Rownd, Star Trek, Taggart, The Bill, The Mighty Boosh, Young Dracula, etc.
Books: Adrian Mole, Clan of the Cavebear, Harry Potter, etc.
Music: I listen to pretty much everything but I have a total soft spot for ska and 80s electro-pop. (1981 is my musical year of choice!) Lately I've been branching out and getting into donk, jumpstyle and cheesy German hip-hop like Eko Fresh.

Other Info: I'm in my last year of a history undergrad degree; this year I'm specialising in Viking Europe, Indian nationalism and Death in the Middle Ages. My passions in life include retro fashion, collecting old teen mags / annuals, horror films, and procrastinating. =]
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Hey I'm Tatiana.
I started a new LJ in English just for fun, but now I think I could find some friends here.
I'm 24, from Moscow, Russia.
I graduated from the Moscow Medical Academy in 2007 with BA degree in pharmacy, but I've been working in game development for 3 years now, just because I adore video games and don't wanna do anything else =).

I love many different things: rock music, Harry Potter universe, good movies and sitcoms (30 rock, IT crowd, Friends, Big bang theory, lost), my old jeans, green tea, poetry and Japanese food.
My big hobby is photography and you could find some of my pics in my journal.

I write about life, my country, job, friends and my journeys.

I suck in English and never ever ever check my grammar or spelling, and also I have some problems with language in general)) This makes me angry, because I’m actually a good writer in my native language :)

If you are interested in reading lame English and looking at not so lame pictures – add me.