February 8th, 2010

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Who Wants To Be Friends?? [Please Comment First]

Hi All,

My name is Cat. I'm 23. Single. Bi-sexual. I live in Melbourne and am currently un-employed.

I write about my day to day life. I read posts and I actively comment and expect the same from my friendslist.

Obsessed with reading, teaching myself French [I can already speak Spanish & Italian], anything to do with film, photography and honesty.

Most of my posts are friend's only.

I can be very sarcastic and playful --- if you are easily offended by jokes or the truth then you may not want to add me. Check out my profile for further info.


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Ксения Корчагина

Конкурс стихов о любви!

Дорогие друзья!

Неумолимо надвигается День святого Валентина – праздник всех влюбленных, и по этому случаю я решила провести в своем блоге очередной конкурс стихов – первый в этом году.

И, конечно, тема этого конкурса – стихи о любви.

Прошлый конкурс всем понравился, собрал большое количество участников и очень много отличных стихотворений.

В новом конкурсе я решила увеличить количество призов. Но обо все попорядку.

Итак, я объявляю новый конкурс на лучшее стихотворение о любви!!!

Правила элементарно просты. Главное - добавить меня в друзья!

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(no subject)

19, girl, Denmark.
I just started a new journal and I would love some friends to share with.
I read everything, comment often and I am hoping that I'll find the time to update often myself.
Photography, movies, books, music and a lot of fandoms.
I am currently obsessing over Star Trek (XI and TOS).
I am going to China for 3 months in 3 weeks. I just spend 3 months in USA.
I love cats (and animals in general).
I friend anyone :)

(no subject)

Hey all!

Just posting around, seeing if i can find some new friends to chat with....

Name: Jessica
Age: 32
Status: married since 2003, together since 1996, 2 children (Sarah 4, Azor 2)
Job: unemployed
Music: everything.  Dance, electronica, reggae, classic rock, alt rock, occasionally country, folk, hip hop & rap... for example, Black Sabbath, Tupac, Dre, John PRine, Carrie Underwood, Johnny Cash, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Peter Tosh, Thievery Corporation, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Iggy Pop, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Martha and the Vandellas, The Jackson 5, Diana Ross, etc. 
TV/Movies: love CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Project Runway, Top Chef, Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen, Antiques Roadshow....District 9, Sherlock Holmes, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, Dumbo
Books: LOTR, Twilight, Sookie Stackhouse, Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, Kay Redfield Jameson's An Unquiet Mind, The Mists of Avalon, Stephen King
Interests: Sewing and crochet, art history and art (Andy Goldsworthy and Alexander Calder are two of my favorites) butterflies and moths, tattoos and body modification, attachment parenting (babywearing (wraps mostly), cloth diapering, extended breastfeeding) the Boston Red Sox and the Celtics, cooking, travel, thrift shopping

I have bipolar I, OCD, panic disorder, and ADHD.  A lot of my journal centers around my daily struggles with these in combination with my home life.  It is hard, and i need a good sounding board.  I find LJ to be great for that.  I also do talk about my domestic life, music, movies, TV, my crochet and sewing... politics occasionally (i am an independent voter but i usually go Democrat)... sports occasionally...

Avi Me

Looking for new Friends

What can I say about me? I'm messy, adorable, sweet, a procrastinating student, tough, outgoing, self revealing, open, a risk taker, like the unknown, I love being loved, make friends easily, dance when no one is looking, love a good romance, I can be reckless, optimistic, positive, strong, independent, ambivalent about chaos, think I'm funny, love the abstract, I'm impractical, not good at saving money, fearless, trusting, a thrill seeker, not rule conscious, enjoy leadership, not like a lot of girls, one in a million, I'm one of a kind baby, I'm simply just me.

My deepest secret, I'm a sucker for a guy with a crooked smile and an open mind.

I've had an LJ for almost 4 years. Every now and then your friends leave, one by one they seem to flutter away leaving LJ to live the RL. I, so far, have yet to dissipate from this website. Because so many of my friends have left, I'm in need of a few new good LJs to read.I love to read other people's entries, I love to comment,  I love comment wars, and I enjoy discussing things I have written or someone else has written.
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hi i'm nina! i'm 16, i live in new york, and i'm a junior in high school.
i'm extremely friendly and nice. i'm always here to listen, i'm easy to talk to. i really just need people to talk to. s

- i'm emotional. lmao.
- i love art. i love to paint. i love making beautiful things. beautiful things make me feel peaceful whether it's in a museum or outside in nature, or anything.
- i don't know what i want to go to study in college. i'm considering nursing.
- i watch too much tv and movies.
- i eat too much. it's a problem ha. i'm currently trying to lose weight. im not ginormous if thats what you were thinking haha.
- im extremely inarticulate. i always have trouble explaining things and i guess just expressing my feelings. i have such a small vocabulary. i write like a 3rd grader.

music: dave matthews band, billy joel, vampire weekend, fall out boy, MORE.
tv: the office, dexter, gossip girl, degrassi, spongebob squarepants, arrested development, snl, lost, MORE.
movies: ferris bueller's day off, 10 things i hate about you, dazed and confused, goodfellas, shaun of the dead, stick it, superbad, the lion king, MORE.
books: what my mother doesn't know, what my girlfriend doesn't know, the perks of being a wallflower.

wow, i really don't know what to say on these things. i'm always afraid i'll leave something important out.
adDDdDD m3?
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Add me?


+I'm 26, therefore I will not add anyone who is under the age of 18. Sorry. I cuss, talk about drinking and other adult things I'd rather not hear innocent children here.

+I'm obsessed with Degrassi:TNG and I talk about it often. Be warned. I also make graphics, write and role-play the show. You've been properly warned.

+I am a venter. Sometimes, all my entries will be is one long vent of my day. But, if I don't get them out SOMEHOW I will explode in my real life and that's...never...good.

+I love music. Music will be a high point. If you dislike one of my bands or artists, and continually poke fun/make fun of them, I will, without hesitation, remove you. So you might wanna check below and see who it is I like before adding.

+I'm currently unemployed and living at home right now, so I have lots of time for journaling, and being online. It sucks, because I am the type of person who thrives on doing three things at once. I don't like not having anything to do at all. When I get a job, this will change.

+I role-play. Multi-novella RP at that. If you do as well, drop me a PM and maybe we can come up with something.


+The Vampire Diaries
+Xena: Warrior Princess
+What I like about You
+Drake and Josh
+My Life as Liz
+Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant

+Lady Gaga
+Alice Cooper
+Marilyn Manson
+Cassie Steele
+Suzi Quatro
+Joan Jett
+The Runaways
+Stevie Nicks
+Pat Benatar
+Motley Crue
+Sebastian Bach
+The Rolling Stones
+The Doors
+The Dixie Chicks
+Pam Tillis

John Travolta+Edward Furlong+Maculay Culkin+Edward Norton+Jake Epstein

Goldie Hawn+Kate Hudson+Jennifer Aniston+Cassie Steele+Drew Barrymore+Christina Ricci +Lucy Lawless+Hudson Leick


Designing websites, blogging, Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper, M&M's, pink, purple, white, black, red, "scene", black eyeliner, boys in black eyeliner, horror movies, texting, makeup and hairstyles, independant movies, Greek Mythology, blond hair, singing, dancing, karaoke, hanging out and doing nothing at all, watching bad reality television, cupcakes, cookies with icing in the middle, dieting, binging, exercising like a crazy person. Enjoying a cold Smirnoff Ice, drinking Bacardi Rum and Dr. Pepper, singing along to songs in the car, pretending you're on stage when you're karaoking, making stupid and random videos for your friends, myspaceing it up.

One last thing. Please, Please, please respond to my Friends' Only post. I'd also really like some new friends, some new Degrassi friends would be AMAZING. So, go friend now! (: 

(no subject)

 Hi, my name is Aisha; I'm 20 and Canadian.
Ghanaian/ Trini descent.
I'm a first year English Lit student who loves to rant about life, school, my terrible need to be shy and anything else that's worth noting on.
Love photography, the arts, anything to get my creative juices going.
Favorite music at the moment includes Robyn, Santigold, Royksopp, Lady Gaga, Girl Talk, Bat For Lashes, Little Jackie, Goldfrapp, Kid Sister, Amanda Blank, Fever Ray etc etc etc. 
I love books and movies though I wish I were a more avid movie watcher.
Favorite TV shows right now are Skins and Misfits.
I read the news wayyy too much. I'm on CNN/BBC at least once a day.
And I have no idea what I want to do with my life haha.
Friends would be wonderful, I don't update often but I'm on LJ almost everyday.


Hello,Call me "Mei"
I'm a young girl from NYC.
I love sweet things,Sweet Lolita/Gyaru are my favorite fashion.
I speak a little Mandarin/Japanese.I love foreign languages and fashion/photography.
I dance/sing/and play with decotti,and sew! I love anything japanese. I'd like to move to china one day~
I play video games,mainly RPG's.I play the games most no longer play.Anything made by Level 5 is my favorite.Dark cloud 1&2,rouge Galaxy,etc.
I like anime/manga.
I watch asian dramas,and Iove to shop and hang around the city.
Add me and let's be friends!