February 9th, 2010


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  Hi! I'm Laucha from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I speak Spanish but I've been learning English since I was a child, so I think I'm able to post that way =P. I'm a new member in live journal and I'm looking for friends with the same interests I have.I'm gonna right them so if you share any of them with me just add me and I'll add you back :)

          I like:
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Dancing in clubs (or "boliches" as we call them here) on Friday nights
  • Singing (even if I sound like a dog, when  I'm alone I'm happy to do it xD)
  • Music: mostly the kind of songs that you can dance. I like reggaeton, cumbia, salsa, pop, rock in English (not the one from my country), cuarteto, glee songs (L... mostly everything except that heavy metal songs that are so unbearable to me.
  • Films: I LIKE OF FILMS!! I JUST LOVE THEM!.. I have to say that I'm a Harry Potter fan since I was eight or nine years old.
  • Series: True Blood, Glee, Heroes, House, Fringe, The 4400, Lost and a lot more that I don't follow up episode by episode
  • Studies: I'm in High School and when I go to university I want to study Informatics Engineering.
  • I like the summer, not just for the hot and sunny weather. It's the hole vacations thing. I like being with friends when I want, where I want, I love not to be with a hundred clothes on me, I like to walk barefoot, I like swimming in the pool and going to the sports club.. I just love summer =P.
  • Hobbies: GAMING! Yes! I play video games a lot. I'm not a nerdy kid.. I go to the gym, hang out with friends and all the stuff, but i love video games =B

          Well, I think I ran out of ideas of what else to say about me =/, but I hope you all enjoy reading and if you like anything of the things I like just add my and I'll add you back. If you can let me know why you add me please, that would be much better :), just leave a comment.
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Hey =)

I'm Amy.  I'm 22 years old and I live in Fort Worth, Texas.  I want some friends who really read other people's entries.  Please don't add me if you're just looking to have one extra person on your friends list.  >.<
I'm going to be nine months pregnant on Saturday (It's a boy and I'm due on March 13th), and that's this unborn child is normally the subject of all my updates at this point in my life.  I don't lead an exciting life really, but I still like to keep record of all of it.
I don't comment on every entry I see, but I may pop in and say something every now and then.  Add me if you want, just leave me a comment letting me know you did =)

Oh and P.S.  due to crazy hormones...I tend to rant a lot as of lately ;)

Hi! =)

My name is Melissa. I live in a small suburb right outside of Dallas, TX. I hate it here. California born and raised. I've only been here five years. I'm a valley girl at heart. And I don't mean those ditzy "like zomg" girls. I mean, I love Ventura blvd., the beach, the sights, just driving the canyons.

I haven't really written much in my Livejournal as of lately but determination has gotten the best of me so, I'm going to make a real effort to start writing religiously.

This is Me:
I know, I know, very facebook cliche. Oh well.

I am a writer. I love Andrew McMahon and any of his projects [ex. Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin]. I'm a lover of all types of music except for really hicked out country and screamo rock. I have a brain condition and it just gives me the worst migraines. I love fellow writers. I love to read their words. It inspires me.

I'm looking for new Livejournal friends. So, if you're interested please add away <3
at me


I'm somewhere in my 20's.
My main interests in life at the moment are Art, Literature, Creative Writing, and Religion
- the latter three I am currently studying in school. I've previously studied Psychology and still have a great interest in
perception, consciousness, and mental states.
Please see my User Profile for more of my interests.

I may spout opinions which some may or may not find offensive.
I may talk about sex and any related inclinations and indulgences.
I may talk about illegal substances, though this is not to say that these things dominate my life in any way,
I'm just letting you know.

Ultimately, this LJ account is more or less intended for all of the things in my life that I've had a tendency to keep secret and silent
- All of the things I'd rather not talk about with most.

I'm looking for people who are
open-minded, friendly, and intelligent. Perhaps, I'm looking for people who are willing to help draw out some of the dirty details of my life and personality.
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Hi. I am Jai

Soon I will be going off to college in NY for psychology and art.
I want to be a therapist to help others as much as I can
Belly dancing makes me very, very happy. :]
I'm a Zen Buddhist.
I love reading non-fiction, especially on history, sexuality, philosophy, and religion.
I work with children a lot. Camp counselor, babysitter, mentor, etc.
I'm always chasing after something new to do or see. I want to push the limit a little, defy judgments, and demand a little more open mindedness.

(I use to have a livejournal years ago and recently decided to begin anew. A nice fresh start. My journal is dedicated to my goal to become as compassionate as I possibly can. So I am looking for any friends that wouldn't mind sharing that vision.)