February 14th, 2010

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hello! the name is brittany!
im 19
I live with my boyfriend and his cat
my post are about everyday life. starting to post more pictures
the occasional video here and there
i comment alot. and if we get along i generally care about your post
also looking to meet people in central mass area
im a juggalette. if you have a problem with that you probaly shouldt add me.
I talk about sex drugs and rock and roll if you cant deal then dont add
im a free thinker and want friends who will be interactive.
i love color! and beads. im an animal lover
and love dyeing my hair. i like to write
and i love crayons!
i also want to become an lpn. so if there is any out there add me!!!
sometimes my jounral is deppressing some times its supper happy and sometimes its CRAZY
its a real journal...like it or leave it
have a great day

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Hey, I'm Mel

I'm nineteen, turning twenty on the 26th of this month. I live in Dubai, but I was born in South Africa. I left SA when I was about 3 years old and travelled around with my family, mostly living in the middle east, but we dipped our toes in Europe a little (I don't remember most of Europe). I love travelling, I get cheap tickets so I do quite a bit of it, but not nearly as much as I'd like to.

-I love music, mostly the stuff that doesn't play on the radio. I (mostly) hate the radio. My favorite band is The Cure, but my taste ranges over a whole bunch of genres.
-I love photography, I'm just getting into it, hopefully I'll be making more photo posts in my journal. I have a Nikon D90 and I'm still pretty much a n00b.
-I like reading and writing. I used to enjoy writing poetry-- nothing serious, but I tried not to make it suck, sometimes I still write, but it's rare and I probably wouldn't post it.
-I like art, drawing, painting, sculpting, whatever. I've always been an artsy type of person. Not to say I'm great at any of those things, it's just a hobby. Sometimes.
-I like to change my opinion on things a lot, I like to change my look and move my room around to suit my mood. Change is pretty much a constant a lot of the time.
-The only thing that I recall as far back as I can remember is my love for animals, widlife and nature in general. I have my level 1 FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa) written degree type thing, but I failed my practical because I'm shy and had problems speaking to a crowd. Stage fright, whoops. I might go back and try to get the whole degree. I might not.

I'm also a pretty religious Christian, not the stereotypical kind, though, I won't bore you with the details of what I believe. I accept and respect all cultures and religions (or lack thereof), all I ask is that I receive that same acceptance and respect. I won't try to convert you, promise. I don't often make updates involving my religion, but it is a part of my life and so it will be mentioned every now and then.

My journal might contain some adult content. I do smoke up, occasionally (unfortunately, because of where I live this is very rarely-- never here. Only on holidays in other countries) and involve myself in other not-so-legal activities. I hate alcohol, but every now and then I forget and mention of drunken behaviour is possible. I'm single and very rarely engage in sexual activity, but that's not to say it'll never be mentioned in my journal.

I'm not the biggest fan of Dubai, and so I generally complain about it a lot. This city suffocates me. The plan is to remain here five more years making as much cash (of which there is lots of, out here) as I possibly can, then life can really start.

Name's Mel, nearly 20 years old. South African, lives in Dubai (doesn't like it much). Travels. Likes all the usual stuff; music, photography, animals, art, reading, etc, etc, etc... Jesus lovin' Christian. Adult content notice.

I don't really have any friend requirements. I'd like to think I'm real easy to get along with. I'm almost never offended and I like people of all different backgrounds, lifestyles, opinions, etc. Add me if you like.
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I'm Kelsey. I'm 22 and live in London, but I'm from New Zealand.
I have a guinea pig called Mr Pickles and he is my baby.
I'm getting married in July to the most irritating person I know (but I love him anyway!)
I like music, photography and bitching about my friends (none of whom are on LJ - it's my venting space).
I like other things too: bunnies, cats, lists, Sawyer from Lost.
There are more things that I like which will probably become more obvious as you read my journal.
I'm looking for friends who write nice, chunky entries filled with drama. The more drama the better. I like reading posts where people complain about other people.
My entries include plans for the future, complaining about the people I live with and the people we spend time with, idiots I see in the street and currently - this bloody wedding.

So add me! Comment here or over on my journal :)

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hello ♥ i'm ashley. i'm 21 years old and i live in cincinnati. i've recently left insanejournal permanently, which is where i mainly journaled. lady gaga is my heartbeat. i work for the gymboree corporation and i love it! some of my favorite things/people/EVERYTHING include britney spears, glitter, sunshine, kim kardashian, hello kitty (new love♥), tumblr, the golden girls, forever 21, urban active, h&m, babies, roseanne, teen mom, shopping clearly, dancing the night away and kings of leon. i add basically anyone! all i ask of you lovely people is that you comment my entry that is right here, so i know who you are. :-)