February 21st, 2010

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Hey! I’m Erin and I live in CT. Just one of those 20-something girls that loves meeting new people and reading about other peoples’ lives. I don’t feel like putting my actual age because then I’ll have to change my little bio in a few months because it’ll be my birthday. Read my journal and you’ll figure it out. I live with my mom, younger sister (who’s 14 and at least six inches taller than me), and two cats. My dad passed away suddenly on February 15th of this year. We were by his side when it happened, and though it was very painful, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I’m a major dork, but I’m friendly and really pride myself on getting along with everyone.

I keep myself busy working two jobs, a full-time job at Savers which is kind of a classy Goodwill for the lack of a better explanation and at Stop and Shop very part-time, only a few hours a week. I have an amazing boyfriend Steve, and we’ve been together since July. I guess our relationship looks kind of boring on paper, but we have fun and love each other completely. It’s the easiest relationship in the world. There’s no drama and we don’t see each other every single day, so that gives us enough time to miss each other a bit.

I also love music, books and video games. I’m pretty much open to all sorts of music except rap and country, and I’ll even listen to that if I have to. I’m big into older music like Frank Sinatra, but I like newer things too, though I listen to some music that’s less popular since the radio kills all the popular stuff. I also love classic rock. I play the piano, flute and accordion, but didn’t say I do any of them well. I’ve never had any formal training in music except for some singing lessons back when I was a teenager.

Books: I’ve read all the Harry Potter books and the first two Twilight books. Harry Potter was definitely worth reading, but I don’t see either series worth the hype they receive. I won’t attack you for being a Twi-Tard though, so don’t hesitate adding me because of my opinions. We’re all entitled to think what we want about things anyway. I like Chick-Lit, biographies, books about the medical field (whether fiction or not, just as long as it’s based on factual information) and learning about different cultures. The book Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden was probably one of my favorite books even though it’s “gay-lit” or something and I’m straight. I like to learn about the obstacles people overcome.

I love my Nintendo DS, and I also have a Wii and a PS2, but the DS is my favorite.

I’m a conservative Republican, though I really don’t write about my views and it shouldn’t matter to you what I am because I don’t judge people on what they believe.

I will warn you: I do swear sometimes, and I’m very sarcastic. I complain here and there because I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue. But I tend to be sarcastic in a funny sense and I aspire to make people laugh, both in writing and in person. I don’t care if you comment or not, or if you post every day. Surveys are fun and chances are, if you do one, I’ll do it too. I write a lot about my boyfriend, sometimes it’s repetitive. If you want to add me, comment here or on one of my journal entries, message me, whatever suits your fancy. And if it matters at all what I look like, here’s a picture of me:

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oooo, this community is badass, i love it, it's like penpals for LJ :)

i'm oshinn, and here are my basics:
i post a lot of photos (they are awesome.)
i make a lot of stuff.
i'm trying to get into raw foodism.
i'm a huge anatomy dork, as you will see from my rants on things like MSG.
i write a lot... there won't be many 2-sentence "omg wtf lol" type entries on my journal (but no promises.)

other important stuff:
i get depressed a lot, i love chardonnay, i have cats, i'm going to school to be a medical coder, i'm engaged, i love the earth and animals, i love to write poetry and am working on a novel, i love photography and crocheting and knitting and painting.

feel free to ask any Qs you want, or read my journal, it's public :)  i'd like to make friends who post regularly, since i do.  there are too many orphaned journals on LJ!

oh and i'm from Montana, so if there are any other montana people here, rock on :)
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My name is Alex.
I live in Sydney, Australia. 
Study at Anglican Youthworks.
Yes, that means I follow Jesus. 
And will ramble about theology occasionally.
I work as a student youth pastor.

And you're thinking, "oh no. can't add her!"

But I assure you, I'm not the sort of girl who judges.
I'm the sort of person who knows love.
And live to proclaim that love to the world. 

I mostly write about life...
Friends, venting, music, books...
You know the deal. 

Add me. 
I just want to make some friends.