February 23rd, 2010

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Name: Christi Marie
D.O.B.: 8/14/1981 --->that makes me 28 ^_^
Sign: Leo
Status: in a relationship
Education: student at Ivy Tech Community College
Interests: hanging out with friends, painting, drawing, reading, writing, music, movies, karaoke, and anything else that occupies my time in between classes
Personality: shy, dorky, affectionate, caring, blunt, open minded, prone to random acts of bitchiness and stupidity

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hi hiii =)

my name is stephanie.
 i am 24 and from washington state, although i do a lot of wandering around the coast.

my fave tv shows are project runway, criminal minds, csi, and... ok, the real world. also, i love when mtv has those real world/road rules challenge things. i super love them. i love diet coke. and popcorn. and baking!

legally blonde is my favorite movie(s) and musical. elle woods? totally my hero.  oh and. love the color pink so so so much. 

i am a bit of a hopeless romantic, though i don't always admit it and i always always always have crushes on boys. i just love boys. 

my lj doesnt really generate a lot of responses or anything which makes it difficult to keep up with it as opposed to my other blog, so i'm hoping to meet a few new people that i can get to know through each other's ljs. 

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Me and you with wings on our feet...

[shamelessly ganked from my bio entry on my F-locked entry] :P

Name: Remy
Age: 21
Sex: nothx Female
Orientation: 'out' Bisexual
Status: tadornk's Cuddles as of 1/2/2010
Personality: Caring, Dysfunctional, Fun AND Boring, ....addictive?
Occupation: Unemployed :/
Hobbies: DDR, Computer repair, video games, walking the mall, getting lost and having my poor friends come find me
Loves: The Joker, Harley Quinn, House, Thirteen, Olivia Wilde, Guitar Hero/Rockband, a bit of 'that kinky shit', Spencer's (a store), my close knit bunch of friends, most of my family
Can't Stand: Any kind of bug (except for butterflies, ladybugs and praying mantis), absolute silence, when my hands are idle, when I'm 'in a rut'

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Hello! I'm Nicole. :) I'm 17 and I'm a senior in high school. I post every week or so, if not more, and I always post pictures.

I'm really into art and I plan on majoring in Graphic Design in the fall. I like design, photography, drawing, painting, altered books, etc. I love acoustic music, but some of my favorite musicians are Kevin Devine, Matt Warfield, the Kooks, Something Corporate, and the Miniature Tigers. I love Harry Potter, I'm into zombie movies, but I also love other movies like Eternal Sunshine, A Very Long Engagement, Amelie, and Pride and Prejudice- just to name a few. :)

I'm pretty open to being friends with anyone!

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Hello, I'm Jayne. I've recently started a new Livejournal and am looking for some new friends and journals to comment on.

My posts will most likely centre around what I've done that day or if I find something amusing on the net.

I'm seventeen but don't worry that doesn't mean I'll be spamming your friend's list with lots of topics titled "ZOMG ROBERT PATTINSON!!1!1!"

My journal is friends only so if you decide to add me please comment under the friends only post in my journal and I'll make sure to add you back.