February 26th, 2010

Girl Bunny Faints

Let Us Lay in the Sun & Count Every Beautiful Thing We Can See

Hello. My name is Su-Ling, a twenty two year old anachronistic, impulse junkie that is all too starving artist for her own good. I reside in Northeast PA with my fiance and our dachshund, Loki. Some things I enjoy are horror films, Jack Daniels, burlesque, vintage clothing, writing, and talking to strangers. I am the type of girl who prefers going to a dive bar than a swanky lounge, take me to the game, not to some fancy restaurant. I live with an incurable disease, fibromyalgia, that has taken my life away and I am trying to win it back. I like to believe that I am an endearing headcase. I truly desire for someone to be helped by something I write because I do not want my pain to go without good reason. My journal contains my more intimate thoughts, photographs, and daily what's going ons. There's a whole other world in there.

I warn though, if you are turned off by extreme emotion and eds - stray away from me. I am more than my diseases, but they do consume my life.

Let's be friends?

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to you all in blogland, i ask thee:

how long have you been blogging?  what are some blogging experiences you'd like to share?

i got to thinking about this a bit ago and wanted to see what the replies might be.  i had my first online "journal" seven years ago, at the tender age of 18.  it was on diaryland.  that blog led me to make friends with a girl who later moved to the city i lived in and became first my friend and then a couple of years later my roommate.  we're still stellar friends.

how about you?
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