February 28th, 2010

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Serious as a heart attack

Well it's been a while since I've posted on one of these things so I figured I'd post a new one and hope that I meet some nice new people =)

I won't say my journals exciting... it involves photos of my birds and sharing mood themes, haha. It's a pretty new journal and so far no entries are friends-locked so if you want to check it first, go ahead =)

I'm not looking for a million friends... just a few who I can actually care about. As for friends cuts - eventually I probably may cut some people if they haven't updated their journals in a few months and I don't hear from them at all but it's not something I've ever done in the past.

Well I'm 24, from NZ and I'm female. I prefer female friends as I find them more interesting to read about in general. I dont know, I just dont really care about what blokes are up to - I get enough of that with my boyfriend :P

I love animals, in particular birds, haha.I don't like cruelty to animals or people with unspeyed dogs or cats. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs so if these things are important to you, you wont find them in my journal - sorry =)

I'm a movie addict and a tv addict - though I only watch one show on tv and the rest on dvd (or online if they're not in NZ yet). I also play a lot of World of Warcraft so I'd love to meet some other players ^^

Anyway, add me, drop me a line, whatever - look forward to hearing from people =)
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Where to start...

Okay so, not giving the location, because i find it irrelevant. BUT, other than that...

HI! I'm Shoki :)

I'm not new to LJ but new to this journal and im searching for some friends!! I'm into House M.D, Harry Potter, Saiyuki, and Kingdom Hearts, and I RP all of them as a fandom. I'm pretty laid back and I have a bit of a ranchy humor, but i honestly just want to make friends. I make icons and take requests, so dont be afraid to stop by and ask! :) I'm ninteen years old, female, an I like meeting new people. It's hard to learn more unless you at least try to add me :) Dont be scared, I dont bite! Unless you want me to, but then I start charging.

If you enjoy the series Twilight, please completely disregard the message.


 Hi, I'm Taylor. I don't really ever know what to say about myself, so I'll just say a few things. I'm not new to livejournal, but I'm starting with a new journal, and would like to make some new friends (Obviously. That's why I'm here. ^_^) I'm nineteen. I love music and art. Those are the two biggest things in my life. I'm a college Freshman, majoring in Graphic Design. I'm pretty cynical about most situations, but I'm trying not to be like that anymore, cause it just makes me unhappy. I play the ukulele and the piano. I'm not the most interesting person ever, my entries are just about my everyday, boring life, but I like commenting on people's journals. So, if you'd like to be friends, go ahead and add me. I'm always looking to meet new people. =)

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Hey guys, my name is Jasmine, 19 years old and lives in Singapore. I don't exactly know how to do this but well, i'll just list a couple of my favourite past times, aboutme and whatnot.

I guess i really enjoy music(Duh, i'm sure 99.99% of you here do too.) and i spend way too much time on the internet searching for new music. As far as i know, i don't dig pop music as much but i do love these: Parkway Drive, Marilyn Manson, Bring Me The Horizon, I Killed the Prom Queen, H.I.M, Bullet For My Valentine, Alesana..pretty much bands that are similar to these.

I enjoy food, like a lot. I reckoned that three quarters of my allowance are spent on nothing but food.

I love dogs but i'm also afraid of them. Ironic much.

May come off as intimidating irl but idk..i really think i'm kind of laidback, chilled and easy to hang around with.

That's it i guess.
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello all. :)
My name is Desiree and I'm 27 years old. I'm a stay-at-home mommy to three awesome little girls. I've been married for 8 years and we live in Texas. I have had my LJ account for a while but only recently discovered some of the great communities and wanted to get involved. Kind of regretting the dorkish user name as that's been my email address for years and I just stuck with it for memory's sake. Ah well, what can ya do? I'm still getting a feel for things so I don't have very much on my profile just yet. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, maybe I'll be able to break that cycle.
I'm really terrible at describing myself, I never know what is too little or too much. =/ I've been using Photoshop for a while now, used PSP before then but had a friend tell me how much better PS was so here I am. Still learning my way around that as well. I love anything to do with graphic design, photography, any sort of art, music, books, tattoos, movies, dance and theater. I'm a little starved for culture out here in the middle of nowhere and kind of rely on the internet to remedy that. I love Harry Potter and Twilight as well as tons of others. There's not enough space here for all of my favorites. I don't watch tv much but when I do, I like Food Network (gotta have good food for my growing kiddos), and just anything that makes me laugh. I don't like chick flicks, tearjerkers or reality shows with idiots. I'm pretty open-minded and non-judgmental so I can be friends with just about anyone that is the same way. I'm a spiritual Christian but can accept backgrounds of all types. I don't debate and I won't try to convert you so no worries there. I'm a former World of Warcraft player married to a WoW addict so that makes things interesting. I learned a lot about the lore of the game when I played and still keep up with things through my husband so yeah, that makes me a total nerd. hehe
I don't really have anything in my journal yet but when I do post, it's either about my personal life with my husband, kids, family, etc. or personal feelings on certain things. Just whatever strikes me. I may not post much but I will read and comment if I have something useful to say. I don't go looking for drama and won't start it either. I'm pretty much laid back and easy to get along with.
I'd prefer people in their 20's or older so there's more of a chance of us having something in common. But if we don't, that's okay too. I'm not picky. If you think you can deal with all this, feel free to add me as a friend. Thanks for reading!