March 5th, 2010

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kinda weird, 

I don't judge no one, because it's not my place. 

I just want new reads,  and new commenters. I'll comment when I have time and something to say, but sometimes the best things are never heard,  they're thought.  weird I know.  but if u wanna friend add me 
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I'm Shelly, age 25 and I live in Washington state. I'm looking for new friends to get to know!

About me:

I'm a college student with only 3 more quarters to go. I'm studying medical transcription.
I am a huge caffeine fiend. I like caramel, I don't really like chocolate. I like salty food rather than sweet. I eat ramen and watch cartoons that remind me of my childhood when I'm stressed. I'm opinionated, and I get excited about random things really easily. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but I love skirts and high heels. And purses. I love purses. I have a lot of makeup but I hardly touch it. I'm a metal head and listen to lots of music that makes my mother cluck her tongue and give me that "I'm not angry, I'm disappointed" look. I also like Lady Gaga and musicals. And old school hippity hop. I am religious, I do talk about it on occasion, but I tend to cut it so you're welcome to skip over it. I like shows like Criminal Minds and Law and Order CI. I think Big Bang Theory is the funniest thing on television, and Dr. Sheldon Cooper is a sexy bamf.

I like to get to know the people on my f'list. I comment, I update a lot. What I'd like from you is the occasional comment/conversation. I like to talk. A lot. O_o.

Please don't type like a four year old on a speed trip. Please use proper grammar and such. I use netspeak on occasion, but very very very rarely. I also don't add people whose only updates are twitter feeds. Add me on twitter then. :D

I'm looking forward to getting to know you!
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Hello. I'm 17 and would love some new livejournal friends :) I live just outside of NYC and can't wait to get the hell out of high school.
Basically, I'm into a lot of things, namely:
languages and culture
fashion and modeling, and on and on.

I'm big on languages, and am currently studying French, Spanish, and beginning Japanese. Some of my favorite books include The Awakening by Kate Chopin, 1984 by George Orwell, Tamar by Mal Peet, and of course the Harry Potters. Um. Yeah I don't really know what else to write. Add me :) My journal is friends only but I will certainly add you :D