March 6th, 2010

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Hi! My name is Dani, I'm 23 and I live in Toronto, Canada.

My userinfo covers a lot of the basics... I work at two FM radio stations here in Toronto as a board operator, producer, writer and whatever else they tell me to do. I spend a lot of time editing Donny Osmond's syndicated show, and I write Akon's internationally syndicated show which is probably the coolest part of my job. So, I obviously like music, and I post a LOT about my job and radio. Sometimes I get a little technical, haha. I really like chatting about what I do, and I like finding other LJ types working in similar fields so we can swap notes. :D

Because I am insane, I was working full-time this year and also doing my first year of university. I don't really remember what sleeping feels like. I've settled on a major in film studies with minors in English and something else (likely French as a second language).

This boils down to a serious obsession with media. I'm not good at reading the news, but I do post semi-frequently about articles that get my attention as well as representation issues -- I'm fascinated by how popular media reflects us and how we interact with it in turn. I'm interested in actual dialogues about this stuff and totally encourage debate and disagreement in comments. :D

Umm, otherwise... I'm kind of a spaz, I'm a big nerd, I post plenty of day-to-day stuff. I play board games and video games. I roleplay online and TOTALLY WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER NOT EVEN KIDDING. I love to read -- some of my favourite series are the Dark Tower (Stephen King), a Song of Ice and Fire (GRRM) and the Catspaw series by Joan D. Vinge. I also really enjoyed House of Leaves. Which isn't to say I only like fantasy/sci-fi type things... I'm also a pretty big fan of Jonathan Safran Foer. This year I started delving deeper into more "traditional" comics... I've liked Sandman for years but I'm giddily discovering how badass Batman is. I LOVE music -- the two stations I work for are a classic hits station (think big hits of rock/pop/disco from the 60s-80s) and a hot A/C that toes the Top 40 line, so I hear a pretty big variety at work. I used to have more time to go finding indie stuff. I don't have that much time anymore. I would love to meet people who find it for me. :3 I have found something to like in pretty much every genre.

I really try hard to engage with the people on my friends list. I'm a very busy person, so sometimes I have periods when I can't comment, but I am checking my flist constantly and reading pretty much everything on it. I don't get mad at people who don't comment on my entries... I totally get busy-ness and/or just not having anything to say. I often post at strange times of the day -- godawful early on weekends, and stupidly late on weekdays -- because I get bored at work, lol.

So basically if you're not a jerk we can probably be friends!
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Hiya my name's Lou (Louise) i'm from England and I go to an all girls school, I'm in my last year of school and I joined Livejournal a while ago but I only joined so I could post something and never went on again. Recently I've just started to really use it and I'm looking for some friends to make online that aren't creepy old men or stalkers or anything.

Stuff I like:

Stuff I don't like:
When the weather is super super super hot
Any vegetables
Heavy metal

Yep so I hope to hear from you guys
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Hey all.

I just created a new lj account, looking for a fresh start, new friends, etc.
I'm twenty, female, and am currently living in southern Ontario.  Not quite sure what I'm looking for, so I'll just tell you all a bit about myself in hopes of piquing your interest.

I'm into art of all sorts. I make custom and pre-made graphics. I enjoy a good horror movie, zombie movies being my favourite subgenre. I'm pretty much a zombie buff in all senses of the word. I do a lot of DIY, and I'm currently producing my first ever zine. I listen to all types of rock and alternative music. I also enjoy music from the 80's quite a bit. I dumpster dive, and I find myself delving deeper and deeper into the alternative anarcho-communist subculture.

I'm well read, and I pride myself on the small library of novels I own. I'm not unintelligent by any means, and I can't stand being in the company of people who don't have any manners. I'm a a quasi-hermit by choice. I'm interested in knowledge. I'm the biggest Legend of Zelda: Ocaina of Time freak you'll ever have the (dis)pleasure of meeting. I love mmorpg's alongside other types of videogames, and am an avid lover of oldschool consoles.


I love Tegan&Sara, the Cure, Brand new, Leftover Crack, Reel Big Fish, Gregory and the Hawk, Neutral Milk Hotel, Aqua, and The Spice girls. 

I'm pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.


So comment this post if you wanna be my friend, I guess?