March 7th, 2010

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hi, my name is Brittany :] & I’m new to lj.
I'm 17 years old. A senior in high school that is so ready to move on.
I live in California.
I am half Japanese and half Mexican. Yeah, weird combination I know. x]
My passions include (b&w) photography, volleyball, and creative writing.
Some tv shows that I enjoy are House, Life Unexpected, Psych, Monk, Survivor, ANTM, That 70’s Show, Medium, & others.
My choice of movies are The Wedding Singer, Secret Window, Fight Club, Seven, 21, & more.
Currently reading Frankenstein by Merry Shelley.
I listen to a variety of music; but specifically alternative rock.
I am pretty friendly so don’t hesitate to add me as a friend.
I would like to get to know you, so if you add me I’ll return the favor. ;]


Let's bring the fun back to LJ!

Hey people...My name's Antonio. I'm no spring chicken. I'm one of the older folks of LJ. But I've been told (constantly) that I don't act or look my age (don't ask) ;-). I definitely am not on the same path as most folks my age. Kinda starting over in life with college and getting back out on my own after financial hardships and social rearrangements. So life is a bit of an adventure for me again.

I used to be hardcore addicted to LJ. I even bought a t-shirt and sweatshirt. But than that damn FaceBook sucked me in and all my friends cyber-moved out and left my LJ community a ghost town. I realized FB and MS are cool...but there's something "special" about LJ. Yeah, sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to read all your friends long posts...but I realize...I miss the hell out of it! I miss connecting with people in ways I'll never be able to do on any other social networking site. LJ kicks ass.

So, I'm looking for some new friends/neighbors. Just so ya know...I'm GAY! Also, my account is not always G-rated. Sometimes I will post stuff that may shock the hell out of you. But hey, that's just me. I don't mean any bad intent by it...just bein' me. I love to interact with my LJ friends and love for them to interact with me as well. So if you're interested in a new bud...ADD ME! Can't really say I'll add everyone who request to be added because sometimes, I don't feel like I can get a sense of who a person is, so I'm weary of letting any and everybody into my account, but folks that actually have pics of themselves in some of their icons is helpful. Also, tell me your age, where you're located and what drew ya to me.

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 hi guys:)  i've been on lj for a while now on and off. i post almost everyday, to every other.
junior in high school. i'd say i'm pretty mature for my age considering that i don't deal with petty drama and other people's shit.
my post are about everything. pictures, life, boys, parties, school, etc. 
mainly looking for genuine friends, people who are willing to talk and give advice as needed. even if i don't always comment, i'm always on here reading my friends posts.

if you're interested just comment on my friends post to be added :)
curly hair, dont care.

Add me?

 HEY i'm Leah. I've had three different lj's. BUT, that was like 5 years ago. I want to get back into it but, i need some friends to talkkkkk to like always. ALright well, read my lj to see a little bit about me. THEN add me and we'll talk. :]
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