March 13th, 2010

Spring Jewelz



I am 25 years old, live in Kansas, work at a pharmacy, and live with my husband and my little doggie Jack.
I try to write on here as much as possible, but my work scheduel is not consistent, so there may be times when I don't post for a couple of days.
I don't have any kiddos as of yet but we will be trying soon.

Hmm, not sure what else to put on here. There is more info about me on my profile so check that out. And if you wanna be friends just ask.

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hello kitty mac


Hey there fellow livejournal peeps! Don't let my new journal scare you....yes I'm a new person...oooo. LOL I was a long time lj-er back in the day and now I'm back to make new friends and have a place to vent. More about me:

~~Amber Marie, age 24
~~makeup FREEEEEK
~~full time student
~~currently living at home-BIG FAT BOO!
~~single mom of a kick ass 4 year old son
~~don't want any more kids! I ain't got a maternal bone in my body
~~never been married, never will but still looking for prince charming
~~favorites include: shopping, mac cosmetics, Pink, music, love, life, wine

I would LOVE to meet some new people. I don't care if your 15 or 55 or whatever. Just want to make friends. Sound cool? Add me, I'll add you back :)