March 14th, 2010

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hi everybody, i am brand new to livejournal and looking to friend people with similar interests.

my first love has always been books, i am a couch potato and am happiest when curled up reading on a couch. my fave books are to kill a mocking bird, call of the wild, and anything by pg wodehouse. i have recently started reading fanfiction also.

i love pretty much all animals especially dogs. i also have a fascination with wolves,  maybe because of their connection to dogs.

i watch house md, how i met your mother, american idol, supernatural on tv

i like romantic comedies and science fiction, huge fan of star trek

i love crosswords and sudoku, and my taste in music is pretty varied

if the profile interests you please add me

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Hi there! My name's Tracy
- Sales Associate, Sexual Assault Outreach Worker, Model
- Criminology/Music Student - applying for graduate school!
- 21 years young
- Sagittarius
- Singer, Dancer, Pianist ( somewhat guitar and drums lol)
- Fear of Driving
- Enjoys reading, watching movies, documentaries and cartoons ( like Southpark, Carebears and Arthur LOL )
- I listen to almost everything but mainly old school music <3
- love to travel!
- Fitness Freak
- Can't get enough FOOD and SLEEP
- Sewing & the number ;) LOL
- Photography, Fashion Design
- Open-minded, talkative and optimistic
- Animal Activist and scheduled Vegetarian ( due to health issues )
- I'm always reading something!
- Not very much liked by females - so hoping to make new friends on lj ^___^
- Everything my dog does makes me smile
- Complex life...
- I CHOOSE to be a happy person, even through my darkest days...
In my journal you will find: writings on everything that goes on in my life uncensored, critiques of songs or some stuff that I write, memes, pictures or an occasional recipe
- I tend to write LENGTHY entries sometimes so I don't expect people to be able to read it all the time  but a comment here and there would be nice because I'm actually interested in making friends so regular interaction is what I"m looking for
- I keep up with friends' entries and comment frequently
Interested in being friends? Comment to this entry, tell me a little about yourself and ADD ME =)

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i am the queen of nostalgia & hyperventilating
missing some moments too much, looking at the west too much
a bit sad and ironic
and lost
right now what i need most is to run away and be free, and travel everywhere to find my place
i want to be a writer too but need to figure out how
i think my soul belongs many many years back

my life is eighteen years long but I feel like last two years were a joke
and I think that having penpals is magical
i am looking for letter-writing people and occasional aim nights too

sitting on a pavement; warm ground; all alone; lazy summer afternoons; meringue; mist; half-smile; broken people; plastic bracelets; taking long walks; lace; palm trees; watching people; being silent; classic rock; riding bikes; red nails; vanilla; random words; sitting by the window; sneakers; boys is smart clothes; thunderstorms; being lost; repeating dreams; san francisco; moist yellow air; feeling dizzy; control; looking bad; baking; talking to myself; grey; sea at 6 a.m.; hot baguettes; decadence; cassettes; word ‘flimsy’; instrumental music; laying in bath; swings; doing nothing; 80s; being self-sufficient; poetry; barcelona; not eating; sleep; writing stories; pureness; mental disorders; sun; hospitals; city nights; a symphony of sound; forests; taking photos; tears; white stone cities; handwriting

x sonic youth; yeah yeah yeahs; pj harvey; beirut; nirvana; sdm; the beatles; joy division; soundtracks
x neverending story; the brothers lionheart; brave new world; little prince; norwegian wood; i never promised you a rosegarden; peter pan; all books by stachura
x dead man; the sound of music; girl interrupted; ghost world; wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo dead poets society; the pianist; grave of the fireflies; heavenly creatures; pocahontas; 4th floor; siekierezada; control

mmmy email is


My names Stacey
Im 23 years old
I live in Florida
Im a college student in the last leg of my degree
I like lots of things. Reading, movies, music, taking pictures just to name a few

I started my journal a year ago and in the past few months havent updated because I got busy with school and now that the work load is lighter I decided to start writing again. In my journal I write about everything, I rant, rave, and say whatever is on my mind.

So Im doing this because Im looking for new friends to make livejournal fun again :)

Oh I also comment on anyone who comments me :)
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Hello, my name is Raj. I'm new to livejournal (I have just created my journal a few hours ago); I'm 22 years old, I'm in college studying Biology. I enjoy reading, drawing, playing the piano and from time to time, I dabble in Origami. 

I have a few quirks that I must point out: I fall under the mad scientist category, so my entries may tend to be a bit outlandish and rather whimsical grilled with a dry sense of humor and sautee'd with profanity. As such, I prefer to be friends with those who are my age or older; it's nothing personal against younger individuals, it's just a maturity thing for me.

Anyway, feel free to add me.

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Hey, I'm Mikah- a highschool senior in the 702! I'm not your standard Messianic Jew, I like to keep people guessing. I listen to music more then I should, and I create playlists for what I'm feeling that day. I like all music, including country and rap and ska. I've recently gotten into Calypso, so that influences things like what I say and such.

I was born in St. Petersburg
, Russia and I speak a tad bit of Russian. My grammar sucks though, but oh well. I've recently have fallen in love with Glee, and -cliche, i know- I'm a gleek. I like slash, I have to admit it. RPS is something I've only started to like lately, but hmm. So good, like guacamole. 

My recent guilty pleasure is Shear Genius. No clue what they are saying about 'finger waves' and 'barrel rolls' but I can watch that shit for hours.

I'm weird, I understand that. Just friend me, I'll friend you back. :)