March 16th, 2010


fresh start

I just moved from vienna to berlin, and I felt I need to make a fresh start and opened a new journal...

My name is Lena or Meg, I'm 21 and I'm a screenplay writer hoping to get either a new project or a spot in film college soon.
Other than movies I write a lot about travel, books, music (I'm having such a pearl jam week but check out my if you like ;), some graphics, social life obviously and also the whole rest where I'm currently staying with my boyfriend due to lack of own apartment and getting used to the new town and people.
Once I unpack my boxes and get my camera back I can start posting photos again.
My life is always a bit upside down. I never stand still and I never quite get it all together, which I like ;) so it'll be chaos entries.

If I have a good day... maybe I'll post a stupid limerick.


Hello, I'm a student from Estonia
Studying theology
Into making clothes, writing, painting and a lot of other stuff
Decided to post here to get to know new people
And the Girl on the display picture is me

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23 yr old female looking for friends for my new journal.
i love reality tv, talk shows, house, family guy...
i like to read books.  recently finished shutter island.
i'm in an interracial relationship with a guy that has twins.
i'm a senior at school but have dropped out and don't know now when i'll be able to finish and get my degree.
i'm a psych major.
live in the south, just moved out of state.
i like all kinds of music...rock, classic rock, 90s, southern rock, some hiphop and r&b - including lil' wayne.
i like alice in chains, lynyrd skynyrd, moby, pearl jam, the list is long and varies.

i guess if there's anything else you want to know, just add me or ask.


My name is Brandi (hence the username mizz_brandi).

I live in New York State, USA.

I just opened up my account a week ago on LiveJournal though I did have an active account here a few years ago, so I am quite familiar with the place.

I'm a fun-loving individual with an outgoing personality. It takes me a while to open up since I am often quite reserved, but I like to make different friends, friends with different backgrounds, races, cultures and who come from all different walks of life. I don't discriminate against anyone.

I suppose you could say that I'm either a big or a little sister to everyone. If you want to be friends with me, the rules are simple. You have my back, then I'll have yours in return. I will add almost anyone and everyone, and I will try to respond to my friends' journals as often as I can, and as truthfully as I can. I will try to not leave anybody out if they're friends with me. I don't associate myself with racists, bigots, homophobes and just mean and stupid people.

Some of my hobbies are partying, reading, shopping, writing and designing on the computer. I also love animals, especially cats and birds.

Like I said, I will behave fine with anyone and I like to talk and have fun! If you're interested in adding me, then feel free to do so. Just leave a comment to let me know that you've added me.

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мари корнеева, стилист одесса, имиджмейкер в одессе, шопер Мари

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Я стилист-имиджмейкер из Одессы. Пишу о моде, стиле, одежде. Как избежать ненужных покупок и не быть жертвой шопинга.)
Вчера осветила тему: "Как выбрать обувь", (как определить кожу на ощупь).
Буду рада новым друзьям и их мнению!

Lady Gaga A

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Hello :) Ive been adding new friends on here, but actually haven't made a post for myself!! I am an older lj user, but recently decided I would like to have more/new friends on here.
-I'm 15 (still pretty young!! im not as crazy or naive as other teens though)
-Live in Texas, the Houston area
-Im completely obsessed with music!! Mainly Rap and Pop, but I also enjoy some alternative, rock, and jazz.
-I absolutely love Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Journey, and T.I.!!
-My favorite hobby is singing although I probably suck at it ;)
-I love colorguard and Im in it at my school
-I love band kids, who make up majority of my friends!!
-Photography is amazing!! I love taking pictures of just about anything
-I paint and draw in my free time, I think it's relaxing and fun!!
-I work at Starbucks and can fix anyone up just about any kind of coffee

I try to be a happy and positive person even though I have a temper. I focus a lot on school, but I get on my computer everyday!! Overall, I just try to have fun and laugh at the big and little things in life!! My journal has posts about me and my friends, hilarious things, some photos and artworks I do, and various things I find out about. I promise I'm not one of those people who post everyday though, I usually do once a week or so.

If you feel like I could fit into your friends list, please add and comment to let me know, Thank you!! :)

(below is a recent picture of me!! )




Im Cristy. Im 20 years old and i live in the netherlands. At the moment im studying communication.

I like japan and japanese music.
I also am a huge fangirl of a lot of japanese people (at the moment oguri shun)
Therefore im also trying to learn jaopanese.

Im generally bored and boring.
I dont really watch tv much.

Im a dreamer i think, i have way to much imagination XD
Im like anything cute and adorable

I usually dont know what to say to anyone
so please ask me things ^.^


Ok, a bit about me

I'm from the UK (Wales)
I'm into art and craft (scrapbooking, card making, altered art, atc's, jewellery etc).
I love photography and have recently bought a digital SLR.
I have 2 rats.
I'm a semi-veggi (i still eat fish)
I have recently gotten into cooking.
I am into music.
I like reading.
I'm 28 and live with my boyfriend (I refer to him as man in my posts)
I want friends!
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