March 17th, 2010

"Страх и ненависть в Бабруйске"

Хочу стать тысичнегом!

Я - молодой, динамично развивающйся блогер!

Сейчас я - пятихатачнег, но хочу стать тысичнегом, поэтому прошу любезно френдить меня!

Знакомство с моим блогом рекомендую начинать с моего самого первого поста "Лицепедия физиономика" , который собственно и послужил отправной точкой для дальшейщего блоговедения.

Этот пост - уникальный пост, нигде в интернете Вы такого больше не найдете! Скоро его растащат на юзерпики и демотиваторы. При перепощивании целиком и по частям настоятельно прошу ссылаться на меня.

Френжу взаимно неботов, ибуду читать Ваш блог если Вы - интересная личность. Также просьба отписываться при зафренде, дабы избавить меня от выкупания Вас на предмет бота.
Wolf Likes Books

Add Me

Hi! My name is Shawn. I'm a 22 year old girl living in Tennessee. I currently go to school and am hoping to become a mental health counselor. I'm looking to add some new friends. I update at least once a week sometimes many times a week... I comment on almost every post too!

I like to watch some TV, movies, read, listen to music, play on Pogo and Neopets, and go on Facebook.

Some of my favorite shows are: Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, Leverage, and Wizards of Waverly Place.

I like to read vampire novels. Such as Vampire Diaries, Vampire Kisses, Morganville Vampires... that being said I'm not a big fan of Twilight. I've read the books and seen the first movie, but they aren't my favorite in the world. I also like to read the It Girl Series and books by Nicholas Sparks. Harry Potter is also one of my favorite book series' too.

I listen to lots of different type of music. Mostly bands like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Youmeatsix, AFI and many others like them.

If you'd like to add me either comment here or on my friends only post =)
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Okay, I'm not very good at this so have mercy...

I'm 18 years old female creature from cold, dark country of Finland.
I'm very, very introverted and suffer from social anxiety. I'm unemployed and killing time, living with my parents. I'm pretty much the definition of a loser and I doubt I will ever grow up to fit into the "adults world".
I love fiction, any fiction! I read fantasy (mostly urban & YA) and write some myself (in Finnish, sorry), I like anime and manga, comics, movies, soundtracks, video games (I play for plots/fantasy settings, heh) etc. 
My journal is a place where I come to relax where nobody knows me. Don't worry, I'm not going to use it to angst about stuff - I mostly will be writing about my fandoms.
I'm nerdy but my interests come and go. I'm not hardcore geek and my understanding of different genres and hobbies are pretty superficial.
I write in English. I make mistakes, but don't worry, because I'm better at reading it than writing!
I think myself as somebody who is pretty trustworthy and nice person. I loathe drama and I hate snobby, prejudiced and otherwise mean people. If you add me, I promise to read your journal and comment as much as I can. I like listening (well, reading) other people.

This is my first LJ and I have no friends yet. My journal is public and it contains more info about me. There are only couple posts though.
I'd especially like to meet other people with SA, depression and other such issues. If you are a fellow Finlander, add me! It seems there aren't many of us here (and I thought we were all over the web?)... 
Also, if you like anime, fantasy, YA fiction and such, I'm sure we'll have something to talk about!

Really, I'm not picky :3