March 18th, 2010

Hi !

 Im always horrible at these things but I will give it my best shot ! :)

My name is Amber,  I am 21 years old. I live in the  dysfunctional state of Illinois thanks to our former governor! ha thats for another story and another day !

Ive done LiveJournal before, but left it and used blogspot,wordpress..things like that but I always end up coming back here. So, After a really horrible year of things going on in my life I have decided to start this process again. I truly do write everyday, but it sometimes takes me a day or two to post it.

Writing is a huge passion of mine. Ive written over 300 pages of blogs [yes ive printed them out] I dont post surveys or quizzes, although i do read them and dont have a problem with them. Im 21, and ive had to grow up a lot the past couple years so a lot of the stuff i post is serious things in my life.

BESIDES the serious stuff, im a fun-loving, out going, spontaneous girl ! I love doing anything once. I take more pictures than id probably like to admit. I will be friends with anybody, and everybody. I love getting to know new people, and things about new people. Makes life interesting. I wont ever add someone to make my list longer. I truly do want to read and get to know every 'friend' i have on here :) thats important. OH and I make youtube videos. 

I'd really like to be YOUR friend :)...and well yours too...and you look pretty nice :)

Id love it if anybody who read this will add me. Embark on the many journeys i go on.

thanks for taking the time to read this, and i truly do hope to talk to some of you ! :D 
stupid chink

hey again

i did this once already but i wanna read more of you people's stuff
so yeah
im 20, female, live in sweden. i love my bf, videogames, sex, house music, food, zombies. actually i love a lot of shit but that's just a few. i do wii fit and i'm fucking awesome @ hula hoop. i like to dance, i do the robot and running man like a motherfucker. i write about random stuff. i swear and i sometimes write about sex and drugs. if you also write about that kinda stuff i'll read yo shit mos def
i watch a lot of movies and a lot of tv shows. 90210 and ANTM are huge guilty pleasures of mine. i watch gossip girl but it sucks i don't even know why i watch it. i miss shows like firefly and arrested development. sopranos was also the SHIT
oh and i love graphic design. i hope to do it for a living when i grow up
i also troll ONTD when i'm bored


Hey guys
Just started LJ few days ago, still getting the hang of it. Would love new friends. m(^_^)m
Some info on me:

Name: Sonam
Nicknames: Tsunami, sonamu,namu
Age: 20
Birthday: March 6th
Gender: Female
Location: Iowa,USA
Occupation: Student
Language: English, broken hindi
Ethnicity: Half Indian (f/o India) Half Chinese
Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

I've moved tons of times in my life so I absolutely love new experiences and am open to new things.
Love hearing stories from other countries or experiences. I'll update my blog as often as possible (still
working on how to use it) note: tips will help!!! ^_~

Definitely interested in Alt/Indie rock but also like kpop/jpop/some jrock (comes from my asian side kekeke plus
my korean roommates I've had for 3 years)
I do some inkwork, photography but lately been slacking due to school work (majoring in architecture).
Creative artists are awesome since they can achieve what I can't haha.
mmm...I play some guitar, piano. Love dance.

Anyways, if you wanna add either comment here or leave a post on my journal page. <3
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