March 21st, 2010

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Hi my name is Jonathan...

I'm a poet and a good friend...

Time for time I post a new poem but I mostly go through blogs and comment so if you write a lot or just want someone new then you should add me, you won't regret it

Add me <3

Im Stephanie. Im 19. Im Bisexual.
Im a Nail tech.
Living in beautiful California.
Im random
Im weird
Im awkward
There is no guarantee that my journal will make any sense.
I live in an apartment with my boyfriend.
Interesting things happen in my life that are too weird to share with friends.
Thats why I got back on here :)
Im a swinger. Even though Im just writing about my life, most of my posts will be sexually explicit.
If your not comfortable with that then please just keep scrolling :)

I want to make friends and I plan on posting alot more often.

So add me! <3
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hello :)

I never know what to write for these things!
You can call me Jas or Jassie, I'm pretty easy going on the name thing.
I've done live journal before, but I wanted a new journal so I could meet some new people.
I'm somewhat random, but I'll give anyone a chance to be friends. 
I love meeting new people from all sorts of different backgrounds, anything goes, as long as you're open minded about things.
I've been writing creative fiction for some time now and my current interest is fan fiction. I also have a novel that I've been working on for the past several years, I'm sure it will get completed one of these days.
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My names Sarah, I live in a barren waste land, and I feel like using this thing again, and I need to talk to some people I don't know.

I love art, music, writing, destruction, creation, life, drugs, alcohol, video games, dancing, sleeping, philosophy, so on so forth.

I write about pretty much everything, normally my theory on things, or my philosophy. You'll like me.

don't add me if you overly religious (we probably won't agree), homophobic (I already don't like you), or your sentences start off like "so like omg, i was like etc.." other then that..

what do you have to lose?
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i like friends

I'm trying to get back into the LJ scene, and I'm finding it a little bit difficult with friends I don't have a whole lot in common with.

- 23, Female, Capricorn, Orlando Florida.
- I like Science Fiction, video games, Fantasy, books, TV, movies, and pretty much anything with robots or dragons in it.
- World of Warcraft, lots of characters both Alliance and Horde.
- I like all kinds of music, including Norwegian polka rock, country, and Korean pop.
- I like some anime, but I'm kinda picky about what I like.
- I like the Food Network and the Travel Channel a lot, the TV is nearly always on one of those two channels.

My journal entries are usually pretty short and sweet, and I'm not really looking for people who necessarily want a lot of comments or a lot of comments for myself. I'll comment on yours if I have something to say, but I'm generally pretty quiet otherwise. Any questions? Feel free to inquire.

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 Im gonna be honest I dont know why im doing this... I guess feedback on my stupid ass life bloggin about some cheating whore im dating... meh, I cannot stand blogs that have stupid fonts, or bright colors, bugs me... my blog is open to all, im 23... im old... I get drunka lot to cover up my emotions.. today i emailed my long distance relationship girlfriend with the final email... im tired of looking at my journal... all i do is complain, it'll be nice to complain to someone else instead of a dead journal.. Im not emo, im english! 

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Hi everyone.

My name is Emily, I'm 20 years old, and I live in Wisconsin.

I don't have many friends on LJ that post often so would like to add more & make new friends. I am a college student, have a serious boyfriend, and have many different interests. I have to say though: It is my journal so if you are easily offended it's best not to add me. I post about everything: good things, happy things, random things, and also the opposite. I complain, vent, use profanity, and say potentially offensive material. I respect everyone's viewpoints and lives so in turn I want someone to respect mine. Don't get me wrong, I am a very nice person but I say this because I recently had two people attack something I posted. I love getting to know anyone, similar or different from me. If you'd like to be friends, let me know! Also, please tell me a little about yourself such as name, age, where you're from, and what you do for a living. Thanks!