March 22nd, 2010

young folks


My journal is explicit and may contain:
sex, drugs, violence, immature behavior, mature language,
TMI, blatant ignorance, compulsive rants,
photo spam, stupid home video, and unnecessary opinions.

[info]snoringbeautee's entries this week included:
-stupid photos of my 2 month old holding wads of cash.
-me seeing a picture of my biological father for the first time.
-being in the middle of a 3 hour police stand-off. (Pictures included.)

Here's a screencap of my journal stats.

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fiery eyes!

What can I say...?

I use to be into LJ when I was younger. Then I migrated to Facebook and Myspace...and left. Now I'm back.

Only problem is I'm pretty friendless at the moment and would love to meet some new people on here. I do want to clear up two teeny-weeny little minor things before we continue down the rabbit hole:

1. I don't comment unless I have something to contribute. If you expect a lot of comments from your friends, then I'm not the best person to add.

2. With my schedule, I'm lucky if I post once a week. If you are looking for someone that post every single day, then (again) I'm not the best person to add.

Now that that little bit of unpleasantness is out of the way, let me try (as best as a shy girl can) to introduce myself.

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That's...about it for now. If you have questions, please feel free to ask me. I hope you consider adding me!   :)

its 2:15am, and I like friends :)

 I am going to try and do better than the first post at talking about my self ! :) 

My Name is Amber. You can pretty much call me whatever you want. As long as its nice, of course. I will usually answer to Amber ,Am, Ambulur...the many ways of messing with my name! I am 21 years old. I maybe drink ONCE a month..if that. Not much of a drinker. I was the only sober one on my birthday, haha. 

I am very simple, and usually never straight to the point. I eventually get there though, I promise. I love to talk. I could go on and on given the chance. When I write, I write a lot. There will not be many short posts from me. But what  I write, isnt in StIcKy caps, or all surveys or anything. I write about whats real, and whats really happening. My life had been totally hectic the past couple years, and a journal is a great way of expressing that.

but im a happy person, so dont think that im always sad :)  You may hear  about some of the most important people in my life. My Niece, My Nephew & My God-Daughter :)  I am a very proud Aunt & God-Mama. I have been in a long-distance relationship for close to two years in may, So he gets mentioned a few times as well. he puts the smile on my face :) we are 3.5 hours apart :(

I dont have a set style of music. If i can understand the words, and dont really get a head ache from it, then i listen to it. I have many favorite bands, so if your interested in things like that, lets talk! :) I love photography! I may not be really good at it, but i love taking pictures, and usually always have a camera in my hand. I love make-up, but im no guru. I can be a reality tv show junkie, atleast i admit it ! but it doesnt rule my life. Usually I get annoyed with the tv so i dont watch it too often. I love to read, and write. I take walks just to get outside. I can be completely random. Im a hopeless romantic, and  i cant help it. I love life. I feel blessed daily just to wake up. 

I love my friends & my family. Should you add me, or I add you through this, or any other community, I am not adding you just for numbers. Im adding you because ive taken the time to read what you have posted, and ive looked at your profile & feel like your someone I could get a long with. I dont promise very interesting posts all the time, and I dont promise ill comment on everything you post nor do i expect the same. But I promise to read everything you post.

I really love making friends, and getting to know people. Livejournal can be good for that. The first LJ  i had was when I was 13 years old & My first friend on here, her name was Kate, is still my best friend to this day, and im her daughters god-mom.  :)

So if you find anything ive posted somewhat interesting, please add me :)

hope you guys had a great weekend! :) 

Looking for Friends

Currently looking for new friends.  I am 45 years old and live in North Carolina. Am not working at this time due to illness and feel really isolated.  I love camping, kayaking and my dog Rock.  I am married with two children age 15 and 21.  I finally graduated from college this past June.  My degree is in Psychology from Ashford University.  It was such a rewarding experience.  Proof that you are never too old to learn.  Add me and I will add  you back. 


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Show me what I'm looking for ♪♭

I'm Kuri. Yo. 21 and in a serious relationship. Working until I can go back to school. I speak a bunch of languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, French and a bit of Korean. In a serious relationship with a guy I'll probably marry once I improve my Japanese.

I live 6 months in Japan, 6 months in the US, on and off, it seems.

I'm Puerto Rican but not the annoying type that runs around screaming "Yo soy Boricua!

Love Purikura, Dancing, Photography, Travel, Reading, Laughing, Drinking, Music, Organizing, Cooking and practical jokes.

I can be stubborn, which just makes my life complicated.
Pretty active on LJ and mixi.
Really boyish and try really hard to be girly.

Used to be a hardcore party-person. I think I spent more time in Shibuya clubs than I do in an actual apartment and consumed enough alcohol to run a bar dry. 

BUT, now I'm trying to break away from that and am looking for people with tons of fun hobbies. I'd also like to make more female friends! I don't have too many IRL. Not that I don't like having so may guy friends...but there are things that only girls get. Y'know? 


(no subject)

I've been around LJ since 2003 but my LJ friends always used to be largely friends IRL. Now that I've fallen out of contact with a lot of them so I want to add some people in order to feel like I'm posting for a reason (posting for myself just doesn't seem worth it).

I dont' lead an incredibly exciting life but I'm goign to make an effort to talk about much more. I'm a 22 year old male. I'm engaged to a lovely lady and we want to get married next year. I'm just finishing my time at university and I'm going to be an elementary school teacher. I love music and I play bass in a band. I like video games but don't have as much time to play them anymore. I find it difficult to describe myself in a short LJ post so I'm just going to leave it at that.

One bonus is that I tend to comment a fair bit so if that sort of thing is a plus for you, I'm your guy.
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