March 23rd, 2010


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I've definitely found some really awesome LJ friends on here, so I was hoping I could find some more awesome people :)

My name is Swan and I am a 21 (soon to be 22) year old Psychology major finishing up my Bachelor's degree. I was supposed to graduate this spring, but it looks like (due to some poor course selection on my part) I will not be officially finished until February 2011 :( A lot of my entries are school related (since that is pretty much my life), but I am an amateur photographer and I enjoy posting photographs to my LJ. I do enjoy any comments/criticism on my work :) I've also recently delved back into making jewelry.

I'm quite open-minded about pretty much everything, and I love reading entries on my friends page! I try to comment frequently, but I do read all entries on my friends page :)

If any of this sounds intriguing, please leave a comment here or on my journal :) I'd love to hear from you!!
Ксения Корчагина

Стихи о творчестве - конкурс для всех блогеров!

Всем привет! Я объявляю новый конкурс в своем блоге. И снова стихотворный!

Итак, конкурс стихов.
Тема: стихи о поэте и поэзии
Участие - бесплатное!
Призы - денежные!

Работы принимаются с данного момента и до 18.00 30 марта 2010 года.

Тема творчества, поэзии и ее места в жизни, поэта и его роли в обществе, муки творчества, муза, поэт и толпа, таланты и поклонники – всё приемлемо в рамках данной темы. Интерпретируйте ее на свое усмотрение, но желательно сильно за рамки все-таки не выходить.

Подробнее о правилах участия и о денежных призах читайте в этом посте
В комментариях к нему выкладывайте свои конкурсные работы!

Важное условие - необходимо стать моим другом!


Things I Write About

Lightning and Thunder
Poems (I oftentimes would rather write using this format than journal)

About me:
I am stuck in the past, literally and figuratively. I am a very very strange and enjoy being that way. I am a recovering bulimic. I do not drink or do drugs. I am a little Ghost Whisperer although not quite to that degree. I talk to birds and imitate their calls. I gather wild foods in the summertime. I have a son who is almost 2. I always stare at the stars at night because, sometimes, just sometimes, there is something a little extra lurking up there. I am a first grade teacher. I used to be abused and abuse myself but I am shedding that skin a little at a time. My journal is a process of healing for me. Sometimes I am quite ordinary until I wake up from those spells.

If you would like to add me, please commment in my journal or just comment here...

Looking for some similar souls...


Hello. My name is LaAmya. But I go by Amy, Mya, and LaLa also..
I'm twentyone years old.
Been married since I was nineteen.
I live in West Virginia.
But I'm from Michigan.
I'm a CNA at a nursing home.
I work midnights.
I like to play xbox 369 with my friends.
I'm alright, I guesss.
I'm a God mom to a 3yr old, who I have for months at a time.
Parenting first hand, yet, not all the time? Weird I know.
I use to write poetry, be depressed, and can relate to alot.
Now I'm growing up, and just trying to find my way.

I will comment alot, and post pictures
Quote: Meetings = Friends

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My name is Tia. I am 26 years old and live in California. Currently, I am an instructional assistant for SDC (Special Day Class) students in middle school, but if I am accepted into the credentialing program that I applied to recently, I will be an intern in the fall with my own English class. I am getting married in just shy of a month.

Maybe it's the impending marriage or the, hopefully, impending career, but I feel as if things are looking up, as if life is finally becoming what I hoped it would be.

I have been a member of LJ for almost nine years now. My posting can be sporadic, but I always read and try to comment every time I have something to say. I would like to become as active on LJ as I once was, but I need more friends to facilitate that as many have moved on to websites like Facebook and MySpace, where I just don't feel comfortable sharing as much as I find it be a much more shallow experience. Socially, I would just like to find more people who I can call "friends" as I seem to be lacking in that area of life a bit.


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Hello, my name is Nikki. I'm 22 and am trying to adjust to this new phase of my life that is adulthood. I recently started a new LJ and would like some new LJ friends. I like anime ie. Naruto, Death Note, samurai Champloo, and black lagoon. I love Miyazaki films, and films in general. I have a peculiar interest in post apocalyptic scenarios and zombies. I am fascinated with British humor, the subtlety and the wittiness of it. I love watching QI (Alan Davies and David Mitchell are my favorite panelists), and Spaced. One of my vices is my anxiety and pessimism and I was hoping keeping a journal will help resolve those issues. That being said, my journal will hopefully not always hold dreary subject matters. I am an a day dreaming idealist who get super excited about certain things that interest me...If you are interested just comment and add me :)