March 24th, 2010

Good Morning ! :)

My Name is Amber. You can pretty much call me whatever you want. As long as its nice, of course. I will usually answer to Amber ,Am, Ambulur...the many ways of messing with my name! I am 21 years old. I maybe drink ONCE a month..if that. Not much of a drinker. I was the only sober one on my birthday, haha.

I am very simple, and usually never straight to the point. I eventually get there though, I promise. I love to talk. I could go on and on given the chance. When I write, I write a lot. There will not be many short posts from me. But what I write, isnt in StIcKy caps, or all surveys or anything. I write about whats real, and whats really happening. My life had been totally hectic the past couple years, and a journal is a great way of expressing that.

but im a happy person, so dont think that im always sad :) You may hear about some of the most important people in my life. My Niece, My Nephew & My God-Daughter :) I am a very proud Aunt & God-Mama. I have been in a long-distance relationship for close to two years in may, So he gets mentioned a few times as well. he puts the smile on my face :) we are 3.5 hours apart :(

I dont have a set style of music. If i can understand the words, and dont really get a head ache from it, then i listen to it. I have many favorite bands, so if your interested in things like that, lets talk! :) I love photography! I may not be really good at it, but i love taking pictures, and usually always have a camera in my hand. I love make-up, but im no guru. I can be a reality tv show junkie, atleast i admit it ! but it doesnt rule my life. Usually I get annoyed with the tv so i dont watch it too often. I love to read, and write. I take walks just to get outside. I can be completely random. Im a hopeless romantic, and i cant help it. I love life. I feel blessed daily just to wake up.

I love my friends & my family. Should you add me, or I add you through this, or any other community, I am not adding you just for numbers. Im adding you because ive taken the time to read what you have posted, and ive looked at your profile & feel like your someone I could get a long with. I dont promise very interesting posts all the time, and I dont promise ill comment on everything you post nor do i expect the same. But I promise to read everything you post.

I really love making friends, and getting to know people. Livejournal can be good for that. The first LJ i had was when I was 13 years old & My first friend on here, her name was Kate, is still my best friend to this day, and im her daughters god-mom. :)

So if you find anything ive posted somewhat interesting, please add me :)

check out my profile for random tid-bits :)
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infatuation turning into disease

I love The fragile life I live - My life is a fine line of amazing time and crushing depressive lows ... I like that. I appreciate how fortunate I am, but I will never apologise for who I have become. I feel for people less fortunate, but I will never wish to become one. Life is a game of chance and risk but also cold calculated thinking and love. Learning to balance these things is an issue. my life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot. I have realised that one can never be truly happy if one continues to search for what happiness consists of.
We cannot live life to its fullest if we are looking for the meaning of life. the best thing in life, is to love and to be loved in return, searching for it can only get you so far, stumbling over it, finding it and feeling it.. is beyond anything anyone could ever write about. I have a lot of material possessions but ah well I live life the way I want to.

Che♥ makes me smile more than cold beer. Some would say I'm sorta successful, I'm a fucking loser drunk. You can look at me with disapprovement but on my death bed I'll be smiling because I danced with life and took the lead. I love my parents they are the two most amazing people i know and it sometimes upsets me through living my own life I can't spend more time with them. I've got everything I've ever wanted from life and anything from now is a bonus. Don't expect me to come across like I care and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Some people say I'm peculiar, its more than I'm not afraid of many things. Life is for living, and when I'm finished I want to leave a legacy.

I find many many people are inspiring, some people make so much of their life. I love dirty beats, acoustic sets and a tune I can dance to. I play drums and ukulele etc. I will leave this world with more music than when i entered it. I love not knowing what is going to happen next in my life...I love the feeling of being drunk, I sometimes never want it to finish.

I love nice clothes,skinny leg jeans, carrying myself well expensive living is the bi-product of a life well lived. Good times with my true friends, ridiculous dreams that sometimes come true, cold melbourne mornings, finally graduating uni studies.
I want have found someone with good fashion sense and classy disposition but also one that realises we all bleed the same blood, one that has a brain but knows when to switch it off and have fun... knowing my vices, not caring about much at all. Che♥

i love my family and mates - I'm not an average person, I'm spontaneous and my moods are unpredicable, so for people to accept me for my good and bad it means a lot to me. What I hate is narrow minded, self centred people who continually judge others to make up for their own unhappiness.
i love melbourne, the people, the fashion, the atmosphere, the clubs, the places to go, the food and everything in it. It has afforded me an outlet for my personality. I find happiness and loneliness in being my own best friend here.

I'll be happy to meet anyone who is up for good drunken times. I don't add just anyone, if you're on my friends list I've either met you, know you from around the way or want to meet you. That is all.
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Well, my name is Sally, I’m a student in high school, and while I’m at the point of my life where I should have a solid vision of my future, I’m completely clueless. So not clueless, but close.

My passion is photography, and I attend way too many concerts. Some of my much loved bands are Phoenix, Stars, The Maccabees, Vampire Weekend, White Rabbits, The Audition, Matchbox 20, and a crapload more. The love of my life is River Phoenix, who has developed into a noxious compulsion, and I’m the ultimate movie junkie. My favorite producers have to be Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton and Jon Landau.

I have a sick obsession with male models, such as Ryan Taylor, Ash Stymest, Luke Worrall, Mathias Lauridsen, Robbie Wadge, Josh Beech, and Matthew Hitt. My interests and hobbies include photography, RP, movies, male models, concerts, reading, food, Photoshop, and fashion.

This journal will probably contain pretty pictures and videos, rants, and most likely normal parts of my abnormal life. I’d love to find some friends for this journal.(:

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So, what to say, what to say? Well, I'm 16 years old and living in England in a lame town right now. I'm female and I like to think I'm pretty fun.

I love Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, Alice in Wonderland and I'm a total movie-buff. Seriously, get me talking about movies and I'll ramble on forever.

I have very eclectic movie tastes, everything from Mindless Self Indulgence, to Kanye West, to The Beatles. I love music almost as much as movies.

I try to be as friendly as possible, and I hope I come off as a nice person :'D

add me :) 

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Well I am a single 30 yr old mother I am looking for new friends . I just started a new journal today ....
I am very sarcastic witty person that loves to meet new people learn new things...
I am trying to find a hobby cause I just find myself sittting arouns being bored or stressed out so a hobby would be a stress reliever ...
I doin't jeudge and don't expect to be judged
ADD ME! :)

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  Hi everyone, I'm Kzy and i'm 16 ^^
I love making new friends and it would be lovely to meet people from all walks of life.
Whether you're bi, gay, les, homo, single, HIV positive, ADHD - I would love to know you :)
But for the records, I'm female and straight.

I'll regularly go to your journal and comment ^.^ Add me, I'm friendly!

P.s. Comment on my FO entry first, won't you? >:D 
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Hello there! My name is Meghan. Nice to meet you. I’m looking to make some new friends. I’m a 22 year old girl from central PA. I’m going to school here in PA at a local hospital campus training to be a nurse’s aid. I have four cats and I love them to death. I love anything that has to do with the paranormal. Especially aliens. I’m pretty cool to hang out with and talk to. Here are some of the things that I like:

-Lord of The Rings
-Harry Potter
-Invader Zim
-Star Trek
-Twilight Saga
-The Big Bang Theory
-Hello Kitty
-Ancient Rome
-Watching foreign movies
-Anything paranormal
-Abandoned buildings
-Meeting new people
-Making new friends
-Chatting with people

Some other ways to reach me are:

AIM: Odd Earth Girl
Yahoo: inwe_sindanarie
ICQ: 385399090

I write in my journal almost everyday and I’m not afraid to leave comments either. Add me and you won’t be disappointed. Hope to hear from you all soon!


 Hello there! My name is Cassie, Im 22 years old, I have 3 wonderful kids and a fantastic husband. I work at the local DQ for now.. till I get done with school. I am not really to sure what all I am suppose to say in these.. I never have been good about this kinda thing. Most of what you need to know about me is in my journal and on my profile. I like to be happy a lot.. but I do have my moments where I just let it all out.. but hey thats what a journal is for right? well umm if you like what you have see/ read .. please do add me. I am always up for meeting new people and making new friends across the world! :o)