March 26th, 2010

being me

Christia... Thats me!

I don't have alot of time. 
I post when I can,  I comment when I have something to say, which sometimes may be a Hi how are ya.. Have a nice week!  lmao  

I'm 24
I have  3 kids.
Two step kids, and a son.
I'm  engaged, but I call him my hubby.
His little brother lives with us.

My house is a crazy bin! No better way to put it. 

My journal  is just what ever I have to type out when I have time, I'd like actual friends, not superficial  people who wanna cry because they don't know who  hooked up with them at the club,  or  about there drug usage or any of that. I don't do drugs because it's a waste of time and money.  I understand why some people smoke pot, with or with out a medical condition and i except that. But it's not my thing, I use to be an alcoholic, and if all you post about is your drinking lol I'll probably tell you why you shouldn't  I'm a party pooper.  

I guess since  I got with my hubs and had my son, and gained  2 step kids, full on i went in mom mode.  My life is fairly simple, Its not planned it just happens, and thats how we keep this boat a float.  I'm fat, and happy.  I'm not happy fat.  I'm always trying new diets nothing works. 

I just want people to talk to because with kids I have zero  social life.  I was a social butterfly but then again I was drunk.
I doubt myself.  probably because  the people who use to be around,  apparently were only around for a free trip to the bar with my drunk ass! 

Like I said I'm simple.  I  like talking to new people and I comment and post when I can  and have something to say.  :D

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Hi, there.

23-year-old lady from Buffalo, NY. I'm an English major which means I read too much. I suck coffee down at all hours of the day. I'm a lesbo & have been for many, many years. I love cartoons (Disney animated movies = <3 :X), traveling, music of the rock/prog/folk/classical persuasion & MOVIES. I am a huge movie buff, HUGE. But in all seriousness, I'm pretty cool. I'm getting ready to start grad school & live in my apartment w/ my sister & bestie male friend & I live a kind of weird life w/ a black sense of humor.

So, if you ever asked yourself if you'd like to be friends w/ someone whom keeps the Burger King cup all day so she can run in & get free soda refills from multiple locations or a person that would rather stay in to watch the news instead of going to that kegger then I'm your chicka.

Mah posts include: randomness of the day, ADVENTURES, my dysfunctional family, etc.

So if you wanna add me, that's cool. Unless you're some fun-hating mongrel then no. Noooo thank you.

(P.S. I'm kinda new? I use to have a LJ awhile back but left & now I'm back & so I'm in need of some new friends.)

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Hi all :)

My name is Jo, I'm 24 from South Wales in the UK.

I'm posting on here because although I've been a member of LJ for around five years I only have one or two actual friends on here (most of my friends page comprises of communities - sad huh?) So I'd like to actually follow the lives of some other people (cos I'm hella nosy ;)

I'd like friends who are like myself. I can be quiet and shy but around those I'm comfortable with I'm dry, saracastic, self effacing and fun (at least I like to think so). I've got a degree in Criminology but I'm scared of criminals so I work as a call centre monkey. When the funds and my laziness allow I do intend to work on getting a better job. I don't think too highly of myself, but even I know I could do better lol.

I live with my best friend and my boyfriend will moving in soon too. Last year I clashed with a lot of my friends because they were acting all poo. So now I find myself in a rather lonely position because I've decided to only concern myself with people I consider to be genuine friends. That turned out to not be a great amount....

The main things I blog about are my bf, my friends, family and the ins and outs of my mind. I don't censor myself because it's my journal and I wouldnt expect anybody else too. Feel free to check out my user info and if we have similar interests/lifestyle please add me :)I'm not too fussy but if you use 'text speak' then please don't bother - good grammar never hurt anyone!

Ta muchly x x

add me?

hello there. :)

my name is stephanie, i'll be 23 in two weeks, and i reside in los angeles, california. haven't posted on here in awhile, so i decided it's about time. plus, i'm a narcissist who likes to believe that my posts are interesting, and i need eyes to see them.

i'm looking for creative, positive, exciting yet laid-back people. i'm mostly looking for girlfriends; i live with my man so i'm around testosterone 24/7. (however, i won't deny you just because you're a boy.) please don't add me if you're over the age of 30 or under the age of 20; we probably won't have much in common anyway. :)

i take about a thousand photos per month. not many are good, and i only post a few. i like doing this because it gives a glimpse into my 'real' life and they actually know what the people who i write about look like.

my posts can be completely vague or intensely personal. i have no problem being open and detailed about things such as health issues or sexual escapades. i recently moved here from michigan, so my entries recently have been about that transition. i also work a lot and usually mention something about my jobs.

if you'd like to know more about me before you add, much of my journal is public. i love the people in my life & i'd like to love you, too. :)


Hi to everyone) My name is Lali, Im georgian and living in Moscow and Im a photographer. I would like to communicate with interesting people. I like photos, music, history and so on and on =)