April 9th, 2010

"Страх и ненависть в Бабруйске"

Эдд ми!

Я - молодой, но подающий надежды перспективный блогер!

Ищу новых друзей. Френдите меня и читайте на здровье!

Мой лимит в 1000 френдов, обусловленный бесплатным аккаунтом, практически исчерпан. Поэтому зафренжу только интересные журналы, а остальные, ВСЕ, БЕЗ ИСКЛЮЧЕНИЯ, ЗАФРЕНДИВШИЕ МЕНЯ, БУДУТ ЗАФРЕНЖЕНЫ моим запасным аккаунтом jep_ebrilov  , а может даже ещё парочкой моих ботов!

Чем интересен мой журнал?

Вот наиболее весёлые посты:

Лицепедия Физиономика


ЖЖ вищлист

Веселая аптека

Маразмы и приколы


Также в моем блоге присутствует рубрика Институт красоты , в которую попадают симпатичные представительницы ЖЖ и получают БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ ПИАР!
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This is a journal going on 5 years.

Alright, sometimes I completely ramble off topic so I'm gonna try hard to keep this focused.
Firstly, everyone I ever met calls me Tmak. I don't even know how it got started. I am just as fucked up as everyone else but unlike many, I have actually made a concerted effort to become a responsible adult, or at least a version of it. 
I am the kid that threw moms house plants in the pool and lit the barn and dike around my town on fire my experimenting with cigarettes with my brother. The kid that got kicked out of school for distruption and had to be homeschooled for 2 years, and eventually was drugged to be kept quiet, which lead to horrible addiction to various street drugs.  Yea...that kid. Everyone knows one or has been one. I can't say I completely regret anything, except for once hitting a woman, thats the only thing I can think of that I regret.
Back to topic!!!
OK! This kid is now a level 1 firefighter with a degree in...well, most obviously fine arts! I like to read about INTRIGUING people. I don't care what you did during your day. (Yes, this is a double standard because sometimes I will post about what happens at work..like going on an scavenger hunt to find a mans FINGER that was torn from his hand in an auto accident.) I just want to read about philosophical ideas, thoughts about God and nature and hippie things too.

Dont add me if you are severely depressed and rant about it because more than likely I will tell you to shut the fuck up and get over it.

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hi! my name is mallorie. i'm a 22 year old girl (23 in may!!) who is just trying to find her place in this crazy world. i haven't been to good about updating my journal lately, but writing is my therapy, so i'm hoping to update more frequently. i live on an island in florida, and i'm always looking for few friends who live close to me (and even if you don't, that's fine too!) :] i'm diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (think winona ryder in girl, interrupted...) and everyday is a struggle for me. i write a lot about my prescription drug (ab)use, cutting, burning, and dealing with my body image issues - such as anorexia. i would love to make some new friends on here, so feel free to add me! just fyi, some of my entries get pretty personal!

if you do add me, please leave me a comment letting me know so i can add you back! :]

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om nom nom

I'm Sara. I'm 21, female, and married. That's the basics, lets move on shall we?

My journal is usually me rambling about internet memes, my day, sometimes politics, a LOT of LOLcats (I'm the internet equivalent of an old lady, if an old lady could figure out how to get online). I love cooking, I'll randomly post recipes and pictures. My favorite bands are Radiohead, Interpol, Decemberists, Modest Mouse, Sea Wolf...basically a lot of indie. I'm into anime, though not as much as I used to. I'm very open-minded. Let me know if you'd like to friend, my one rule being please be able to SPELL. I KNOW lj has a spellcheck. :D
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Hello :)

Hey.! I'm Jayson. Well it's obvious that I love nevershoutnever. Anyway, I'm 16 yrs old, incoming freshmen(college). I live in Philippines, yeah I'm a Filipino and I'm proud of it, well actually I'm not pure Filipino but I raised here.

I love music especially Rock music. I HATE hip hop.
I'm very simple. I'm not interested in relationship but if you need advice maybe I can help you.
I created LJ account not to look for mate but to express my feelings. I know words aren't enough but sometimes it makes me feel good or better. :)

ADD me if you like.
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same shit

we all want the same thing

Hey, I'm Kaia. 

I live in a big city in which everyone's trying to act tough and everyone's mean and frustrated all the time. But the city also has lots of colour, which is lovely, if you ask me. I'm an artist and I have a huge stack of fashion mags and I love oranges and ladybugs and cats and I love it when it snows and everyone's wearing Wellies with crazy prints and you can hardly see anything in front of you. And your skin stings from the cold. That's the best feeling. I draw all the time and I buy vintage stuff and feed stray animals and read trippy books. I have my bitchy friends and I love them (<3) and I'm prone to drinking too much coffee and eating too little and generally dedicating my life to working on my new comic book/manga/whatever project and then spending my last money on cute heels. I get distracted too easily and I also like candles that smell nice. I think girls like Paris Hilton aren't It Girls -- girls like Audrey Hepburn are It Girls (I swear I know Breakfast at Tiffany's by heart at this point). I'm vegetarian so I bite my nails instead. I go to a school with a bunch of dull people who are in serious need of a drink and a night of wild sex. My favourite superhero is Catwoman. I like the TV show Skins although TV WILL burn your brain and turn you into a horribly dull slob. Oh, trust me, it will. I like cocktails and insomnia (see: coffee) and manga and fantastic realism and saying "weeee" and "lovely" too much. My freedom is the most important thing to me. Also, I dislike Twilight, so please don't add if you're one of them hxcTwilight fans. I love people. <3 Unless they're boring. I don't mind mean, messed-up people but boring is the absolutely most horrid thing you can be.