April 15th, 2010

Liberal, but not a Hippie

My name is Shane. I'm almost 24 and severely regret the time I wasted and the opportunities I messed up. I was a hell child, listened to too much punk rock, and did too many drugs. It took me too long to get my shit together, took me too long to get sober, and now that I am, all I have is my sobriety and my girlfriend. I need to go back to university but don't know if I will ever get another chance. I'm straight broke, have legal problems, and yeah. It sucks because the only real way I know to make monehy is selling weed and I got out of all that. Sooo... I wish I could get paid writing, but you know how it is.

My interests include anime, screamo music, capitalism/socialism contemplation, and junk like that. I write an indie webcomic in my spare time (my girlfriend draws it), but we're really just getting started with it.

I've been on LiveJournal for over 8 years. If you wanted, you could go back to read about what a drug addict I was and how punk rock I was (yeah, too old for that now)... see how far I've come. I could even give you the PDF of my old LJ account and you could read about the first time I ever got started... you know, if you wanted to. It's nearing two thousand pages total, and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop. If you want a LJ friend who is here to stay, you can probably place some stock here.

My girlfriend has panic disorder and OCD -- unmedicated. We live in America without healh insurance, though she is not from the country. We are very much in love and intend to marry.

I'm a liberal, but not a hippie.

I told the girlfriend to post a picture of me on her photobucket for this... This is the one she picked:

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So uhh... add me and we'll see how well we get along.


Hi, my name is: Taylor.

I am sixteen, and am graduating highschool. Yes, I've skipped two grades. [sarcasm] Yay me. [/sarcasm]

I absolutely love art. I'm thinking of starting a livejournal just for my art.

I don't put effort into things unless they matter to me.

My looks? Well, I'm a chick, so I have a chick body. I have long black hair with striped red and black hair at the front. I dream of getting my whole back tattoo'ed and multiple peircings.

About my Journal? I updated whenever I feel I have something important to say. I don't update for pointless diary girly entries. Those are stupid. AND, my journal is mostly poetry or song lyrics, so don't add if you don't get those that well.

All in all, I like to talk with people who have opinions on things. I'm a very opinionated person. Plus, they have to be able to joke around too. I generally get around with males better, but chicks are good too. So, just give me a shout or add, I'll add back.

I sing in the shower, dance in the rain, sexual innuendos make up most of vocabulary.

This is me. Like it or gtfo.


Favourite Musical Artists or Bands:
- Evanescence
- Alice In Videoland
- The Offspring
- Airborne Toxic Event
- Baxter
- Marilyn Manson

Favourite T.V. Shows:
- That 70's Show
- The Office
- Two and a Half Men

- Drawing
- Reading
- Writing
- Photography
- Philosophy
- Languages
Blue Flower Petals


Hey everyone..

I'm 26, female, looking for some new friends to talk to. I live in Cali. I'm currently in college, working full time, playing music, and living a rather busy life right now *but the semesters soon to be over thank goodness*.

Here are some of my interests:

*meeting new people

The rest is in my profile..

Hoping to just find some new people to talk to.. I get along better with guys naturally, but I'm not opposed to making new female friends.

Have a good one.

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British, cake

(no subject)

I'm Vix.  21..final year undergrad. British. Blonde - dyed dark red. LJer since '03.

I like:
- Formula 1 motorsport
- Martial arts (Tae Kwon Do especially)
- Art, craft & design
- News/media/current affairs
- Travelling
- Alcohol
- Sex
- Kangaroos
- Cooking
- Clothes
- Commenting

I dislike:
- Television (EXCEPT: House, Nip/Tuck, Casualty, Mock the Week and South Park)
- Mushrooms
- Fibromyalgia (which I have)
- Bad, BAD spelling
- Monkeys
- Lady Gaga
- Anime



Hi I'm Rachel.
I started a new LJ.
I don't know anyone that has one, that I know of.
So I'd like some new friends :D

I'm 21, from NY, & I'm a psychology major.
I love screamo music, and pretty much any kind of rock music.
I have 6 tattoos and 5 piercings.
I'm obsessed with zebra print.
The Used & The Sleeping are my favorite bands.
I'm an only child, and I have little contact with my parents.

I think I'm a pretty boring person, but for some reason, my friends love me.
I'm impatient, sarcastic, & pessimistic, but am trying to work on those things.
I love people who can make me laugh.
I love comedies and horror movies, & am a sucker for reality shows.

My journals aren't really anything too exciting.
Just rants, quotes, and whatever.

Be my frienddd? :)

hey people

so here i go.
looking for interesting people
or boring people
or cynics
or sceptics
or music addicts
or just nice people 
with plenty of time
and nothing to do.

i'm half of the above myself actually.
i read and i comment. so... see you?
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