April 16th, 2010


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Poll #1551805 why don't you fuckin' come party with me?

why don't you fuckin' come party with me?

what? i am coming!
i'm afraid of your nickname.
your posts are boring.
you dislike depeche mode, so you're condemned to a life of pariah.


hello my name is haley. Im 20 years old. Im a full time student soon to be at LMU and for now Im at Mecc. Im a nursing major. Hope to some day fly with wings. if not I wil be happy working in trauma! For fun I like to hang with friends and family. I love to spend time with the boyfriend. and then there is times I just want to be totally alone.  My entries are normally about my day and rants about things that are going wrong. Im here looking for auctall friendship not just numbers. I comment all the time and wants someone who comments some of my entires just so I know their reading them, Ive had livejournal for several years but just made a new one tonight. so wanna be friends?