April 23rd, 2010

Вы ищите хорошую работу с достойной зарплатой?

Альтернативное сообщество, которое поможет Вам найти хорошую работу с достойной зарплатой.

Если Вы верите в то, что наши мысли и желания могут влиять на окружающую нас реальность, присоеденяйтесь к нам и проверьте собственные способности.

Мы [info]ishem_rabotu, работа ищет нас.

  • duskyn

(no subject)

Hello. I'm Dusk. I'm just a lost little girl wandering through life, though I suppose at 21 I'm not so little anymore. I also suppose that wandering doesn't have to mean I'm lost.

I posted here a few months ago and found some pretty fabulous people to add to my friends list, and I'm looking to add just a couple more. I'm not looking for people to bolster the number of my list, or people who add me just so I can be another number on theirs. I'm looking for people who read my posts, comment when they have something to say, and don't disappear for months on end just days after being added or change journals every other day. What you can expect from me is much of the same. I won't comment on every single post nor do I expect you to, but I will read each one.

My interests are mostly irrelevant, but if you're interested you can take a look at my profile. Sharing interests is great, but I also like those that have differing ones from my own. Diversity is a wondrous thing. Most of the information you could want to know about me can be found on the first post in my journal, and for convenience -- here.

As for what my journal consists of -- I rant, I rave, and I ramble. Oh how I ramble. I also write and post letters are a form of stress relief. Those things I find interesting in my day or irritating, or perhaps both at the same time, are what I post about. Most of my posts are under a friends lock, but there are some unlocked ones you can take a look at to get a general idea of the types of things I post.

So if I haven't scared you away just yet, do feel free to add me. I look forward to meeting you.
  • kolyam


Potential friends, 'sup.

I'm Kolya, 19 years of age, and really bad at describing myself without sounding batshit insane. It doesn't help that I just went on a braincell killing spree, either. I live in sure-to-suburn-your-ass-if-you-stay-out-more-than-5-minutes, California and this is not the first time I've ventured into the wonderful world of LiveJournal, although this is a relatively new one. I'm looking for some new LJ pals because I'm just ever so lonely.

The boobs in this picture are just an illusion.

I'm a fan of body art, Mod style, a collection of "good" music from the 60's-80's, LGBT culture, anddd, according to Facebook, I'm a fan of you! Actually, I think they changed that so now I just 'like' you. /awkward

Ohoho, I just dyed my hair blue two days ago. This is an interesting fact, no? This intrigues you? You want to be my friend now, don't you? Well, snazzy. :)