April 24th, 2010

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Hello, my name's Justine. I'm 22, I live in the west of France.
I'm currently doing temp jobs (whenever I can find some) while waiting to start a new school next September.
I love music. I listen mostly to rock/pop rock (Green Day, Indochine, The Killers, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Emilie Simon, MGMT, Brand New, Jenny Lewis, Panic! at the disco, Arcade Fire, Jack's Mannequin, Muse, ... I could go on and on !!). I rarely watch TV but I do watch some TV shows either on DVD or online (Friends, That 70's show, the Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Will & Grace, Modern Family, Dead Like Me, ...) but that's it for TV. I'm not a big movie and sports fan. I love walking, taking pictures (even though I suck at it), waste time online, ... I hate driving, shopping and spiders.
In my journal I talk about my every day life (job, people, ...), music and TV shows sometimes. I've always felt like an "alien" and I don't fit with people around me, especially with my family, so I talk about that often.

I post whenever I feel like it (the average is once a week) and comment when I have something to say but I do read every entries. I'm looking for good LJ friends, so add me if you have interests in common or you feel like we could get along =] (please comment here or on my FO entry before adding me)
Devil CA

Hello My Name Is....

Name: Sunday
Age: 23
Local: Sunny Florida

Likes: reading, making things, movies, shopping, everything to do with art, playing with my dog, and much more

Hates: old people that drive badly, humidity, school (almost done, yay!), and people that write like this: hElLo tHeRe!!!

In My Journal: I write about everything, I rant, I rave, I say whatever comes to mind. I may post 20 times a day or just once depending how I feel. I promise to take the time to read your journal and comment if you can take the time to read mine :)

Comment my friends only post so I can meet you and add you back :)