April 30th, 2010

"Бочка Впечатлений"

Приглашаю всех в сообщество «Бочка Впечатлений» делится пережитыми эмоциями и впечатления, рассказывать о том, что бы вам хотелось испытать и пережить, в общем обо всём, что связанно с приключениями, впечатлениями и удивительными событиями в вашей жизни!

Hello :)

My name is Stephanie, I am 20, and I live in San Diego, California.
I am going to school to get a degree in exotic animal training, and I want to become an orca trainer when I "grow up." I practically live at seaworld, I know the park better than I know the town I grew up in.

I don't do drugs, they are nasty.

I try to be funny, but I'm not good at it sometimes, but I'm okay with that. I am real, and I never lie to my friends and family. I talk fast, so I usually end up repeating myself, but who cares?

For music, I like pretty much anything and everything, except like.. anti-cop and women rap. Other than that, I have an open mind. Well, I have an open mind about pretty much anything.

For hobbies, I play guitar, I maintain my two freshwater fish tanks and I am learning American Sign Language, and of course I am on the computer a LOT. I'm fairily new to the whole LJ thing, but I am getting the hang of it :)
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I enjoy LJ immensely.
More than sometimes I think my friends on here are better than my real life ones.

I'm extremely sarcastic and have a sense of humor that hardly anyone ever really gets.
I laugh too hard, cry too loud and talk entirely too much.
My boyfriend and I have been together for over four years.
I went to college, got an associates and decided that the real world wasn't ready for me just yet, sooo I'm going back to school for my bachelors in Secondary Education.
I long to be a high school English teacher.

I devour books.

I believe in everything everyone around here doesn't.
Organized religion just doesn't do it for me.
I want gays to have the same rights as everyone else.
I'm a bundle of controversy.
I don't tend to keep "real" friends for very long.

Who cares about all this though?
Just add me if you want to, or don't.
It's just that simple.


(no subject)

Hai! How es joo all? Gewd? Yar!

Soh! I’m looking for new friends and such. I’ve been journaling for a long time, though I took a little hiatus from LJ. But I’m back! Please, please, hold the applause!

About me...erm...23 in 3 days, will be starting dental school in July, certified goofball, plan to dominate the world one tooth at a time, slightly insane...Yeh!

Long story short, if you like watermelons and thunderstorms, you should add meh!


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