May 4th, 2010

Add me.

Well been journaling since the 90's on paper.
My obsession lies with animals but I love ninja turtles and pinto beans too.

I am 21 and out of that crazy-party stage. I have met addiction in its fullest form.
I am in nursing school and I am a nerd but the class clown.
I love making people laugh and it is better than any other medicine.

I don't have normal "girl" struggles. I would never change my body, I eat what I want to eat, I burp and fart around almost anyone. I think I am beautiful and no, I don't have a big ego.
I love back massages, head rubs and the way cutips feel when I am cleaning my ears.


Thats me, being Irish.
PS. I want friends that post and comment about stimulating things and ideas, so if I un-add you, its because we didn't connect on that level.


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Hey! I'm looking for more journals to read as half of my friends have become inactive, so my friends page doesn't get as flooded with journal entries as much as it used to.

I'm twenty-years-old, from the UK and here are some things I like:

Jazz Music • Japanese • Cartoons • Foreign Films • Broccoli • Linguistics
Pop Music • Linux Ubuntu • Strawberries • Talking • DS Games • Documentaries
YouTube • TED Talks • Apples • Law • Sociology • (Topical) Panel Shows
Learning/Knowledge • Variety Shows • Electronic Music • Milk • Online games

But, of course, my profile provides more information and my journal's 100% public too.

I speak about regular things in my journal but, perhaps quite a bit about various media. And although I don't post things like memes all the time, at the moment, I'm in the middle of doing a music meme. So, I'll post links and YouTube videos regularly for two or so weeks. x


Hi, I'm a Japanese guy. I have just done a Master in Australia, and just come back to Japan.

Since I created an LJ account, I havent really updated often... and possibly in future either... but im gonna at least  update sometimes.

So, if you don't mind that at all, just add me, because i wanna have some more friends. 

I dont care your age, gender, and nationality, as long as you are friendly :D


looking for some new lj friends! i try to read all the entries in my friends page, but i prefer short/straight set/laconic entries, because sometimes i'm short on time. i also enjoy commenting and, of course, getting comments :)

what you need to know about me:

- named Darja
- 21-year-old
- Russian
- agnostic (atheist most of the time)
- politically indifferent
- sarcastic
- cynical
- sceptical
- moody
- music lover
- straightforward

for more information check out my user info, and if you feel like adding me, please let me know. if i'm interested in your journal, i'll add you back!
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Heyo! I'm Kendra, I'm a 22 year old non-Mormon from Utah. I'm a recovering WoW addict powering through a weight loss "journey," as cheesy as that sounds. (212 lb at the start, 170ish now, 135 goal!) In a few weeks I'll be moving in with my first "real" boyfriend and I'm super nervous but excited. I've finished 2 years of college but am taking a break before returning to continue studying Criminal Justice, as I want to work for the FBI as a criminal profiler.   Most of my posts are about weight loss, the upcoming move with my boyfriend, or both. I'd love some new friends to keep me active on LJ as I always feel great when I'm posting here!