May 14th, 2010


I'm Kai. I'm new to the whole livejournal thing site and experience and thought this was a cute group!
I'm 20 and have been a certified comp nerd for quite some time now haha. I'm currently a tech support rep for a Canadian company (just got out of the computer service industry)
I'm into most things computer based as well as history, technology, nervous system and brain, I love walking around this city (my newish home: winnipeg, mb) and exploring new things! Oh and I'm completly pro body mods be it piercings, tatoo's or surgical implants! (which..sounds kind of gross if you don't know what it is.. lol)
I'm not particularly good at any sports but I love playing soccer, rollerblading, skating and throwing around a frisbee!
So, basically I'm interested in meeting new people to chat with!
some of my book, music and movie interests are listed in my profile!

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factory girl

Well Hello There!

My name is Kat. I'm a 30 year old classic car loving, hearse driving, woman who was born about 40 years too late :P I have a fascination with the 1940's-1950's. I have lots of tattoos, I live in dresses and heels, and am a sucker for a guy with a pomp and a bad attitude. I'm a former model. I am also an artist, and my paintbrush is the lover that will never leave me. I love life. My journal is new, but I have been on LJ before, so I know the ropes. My postings will include many things, from my own art, thoughts, randomness, to things I find that inspire me, make me laugh, or make me think. I have been trying to drop a few pesky pounds that I have packed on since retiring from the modeling industry, so there may be the rare post about that, but I don't plan on making people read about everything I put in my mouth, or every time my skirt feels tight, so no worries there. I am looking to meet others who are creative, open, and fun. I love life, and I have a very open mind, so chances are, I will like you too. Expectations are not high, if it doesn't work, no hard feelings, and if it does, AWESOME! I have lots to share, and I'm sure you do too! Looking forward to seeing inside your world! (x-posted)
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Hello my name is Candice and I'm 20 years old. I live in Fajardo PR. I am currently in college  studying to be an english teacher. I love rock n roll, sushi, reading ,writing, playing guitar and watching movies. I'm a movie buff and know alot about movies. I love california I used to live they're . I am obsessed with disneyland and wouldlove to meet anyone who shares similar interests with me...that's all...rock n roll...

Btw, this is a community I created join if you want to....
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Herro. :3

 I JUST made my journal. So I don't really have anything up but I'd really like some more friends. I'm kinda shy so I normally don't add first. Even on the internet. But if you add me, I promise I'll add you back. 

Let's see. I am 19.
I'm a girl.
I try my best to be drama free.
I love art. 
I love to sketch.
I love to paint. 
I'm not really sure of who I am. 
But I'm trying my hardest to figure that out. 
I want to be a mom. 
I love animals. 
I use a lot of smileys. :]
I love to give advice. 
I love to get advice. 
I hate asparagus. 
I'm a huge dork.
I play D&D. 
And basically any other RPG.
I have a PS2, and actually play it. 
I love N64 games. 

Basically, add me just because. I get in my share of mix ups and I've done bad things, but shhh. :3
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