May 24th, 2010

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Hi everyone :) I'm a 19 year old college sophmore in South Carolina. I have been journaling for about seven years now, but on and off. I want to start my journal back up, and I want to make some LJ friends :)
My life is dance: I dance ballet en pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, clogging...ANY type of dance. I want to teach dance so badly, but I need so much more experience.
I'm really indecisive, and not sure what I want in life. I'm a Biology major at college because I want to do something medical, but I'm not too sure for what or how long I want to go to school.
Photography is my passion. I have a Nikon D60 that I love, and I love the excitement of photo ops and taking really good pictures.
I LOVE being by the water. I want nothing more than to live at the beach. I live for the ocean, the lake, the pool...anything!
I'm dating my high school sweetheart, and we've been together for four years.
I love tanning, being out late, cities, road trips, and pets.
I'm VERY creative and crafty. I love trying my hand at all kinds of art, and I love craft projects. One of my favorite stores is Hobby Lobby!
I love to laugh, and I LOVE funny people.
I am addicted to my blackberry.
I have food issues, but I work out and try to eat right so much because it keeps me from freaking out over what I eat.
I will talk about ANYTHING in my journal. I read every friends' journals and comment often. I'm generally a very happy person, and friendly to everyone!
P.S. Sorry if this is really long hahah, I feel the need to explain myself.
tessa-me :)

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i'm tessa. i'm seventeen, teetering on the edge of a clueless adulthood. i have too many cameras & enjoy building forts. i love history & horror movies. i'm a nerd.

my journal is almost entirely made up of pictures (in every entry). also what's going on in my life & occasional art & poetry. i'm especially interested in other creatively themed journals. but i'm open to getting to know anyone. i'm not the most frequent commenter because i do work full time & don't have a ton of time for eljay like i used to, but i will always return a comment if you comment me. of course, i'll try to comment otherwise as well, especially if you're new on my list.

add me up, comment somewhere & let's be friends. :)

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So Im back on Lj for various reasons after a short break. Im looking to extend my F-list to include rich and interesting characters. If you fit he bill and want to hear my rantings then please check me out and add me, Ill add back... probably ;)
HMC → starry night

oh the the summer time is coming and the trees are sweetly blooming

my happiness is music pumping through headphones and words spread out on notebook paper. my life is countryside that stretches on for miles and the never-ending want for something more. i am insomnia and the sleepless nights that follow. i am a mouth that never quiets, someone that can talk for hours. i am a lover of music and art. nice to meet you, my name is alysa.

i'm 21 (aries, born april 15th)
i live in the UK
i love tea and Doctor Who and everything that comes from the United Kingdom
i love chocolate, strawberries and waking up to the rain hitting my window, i like winter mornings when the air is crisp and the snows creaks under your feet, i love the first warm breeze wind of spring
i love humour and value it in any friend
i have an unhealthy addiction to video games and obsession with animanga
i enjoy late nights downtown spend with friends, wearing pretty dresses, gigs, johnnie walker, travelling as much as i can afford, late-night conversations, the snooze button, and quiet evenings unwinding in bed reading a book
i'm an English Literature major with high hopes in joining the VSO program (voluntary service overseas) post-graduation.

All I ask for in a friend is honesty and openmindness. I'll read if someone takes the time to care about what they write about. In terms of commenting, I love them but won't fret over them. I comment time to time, but I do read my flist. Some weeks are easier for me to keep up with than others. It really depends, some friends it took me a long time to get close to, others it happened spontaneously but I do try to keep a close relationship with my friends. I'm an habitual insomniac and I have my moments of crashing hard for days. I'll disappear for weeks and update sporadically, forewarning.
Hug Dog

Good Day

Hi Everyone,

My name is Kasie. I am 24 years old and live in Upstate NY. I am an exotic animal trainer with a B.A. in psychology. I am currently living in the house I grew up in as  I inherited it. I have 2 dogs, a foster dog, 2 cats, and a bird. I am actively searching for an animal training job, but haven't found one yet.

I love sports. I am a huge Yankees fan, and an Ottawa Senators fan. I am a softball manager and coach of my own team locally. I love video games, animals, arts and crafts, and eating. I have an enormous sweet tooth that I have trouble satisfying.

My life revolves around my animals, my career, my boyfriend, and the remaining members of my family. I enjoy sleeping a bit too much, and can be incredibly lazy. I am looking for some people to be LJ friends. I love to comment on people's entries and I love it when people comment on mine.

If you have anything in common, awesome. Let's be friends!