May 29th, 2010

Everything is Terrible!


Good evening, fellow LJers.

I'm not going to mercilessly promote myself, or post flattering images of myself. I can't say I'm immensely intelligent, artistic, or a good writer. I'm not much at all. I suck at advertising things I'm not particularly fond of, including myself. But I think I'm a decent person.

My name is Erica. I've recently turned 23. I have two jobs and am attending college. I'm troubled, but not ungrateful. My personal life is temporarily bereft of sustenance, but I'm working on that. New relationships are always welcome. I love getting to know people. Talk to me in comments, messages, or even on AIM. I'd love to get to know you.

So, if you're interested in getting to know me, add me.
Marie Antoinette fan

Dear LJ

I have recently created a new journal and I want to establish a good friends list.

So, I'm Lauren, but everyone calls me Moppet or Ragdoll. I live in Glasgow, Scotland, and am a bisexual, polyamorous English Literature student, amateur alternative model, (bad) poet and riot grrrl. I'm into corsetry, Victorian Literature, well-written lyrics and boys from Edinburgh. I wear ridiculously over-the-top ensembles and am from time to time, extremely pretentious and self-aware. I have a slightly surreal sense of humour and spend a lot of time giggling. I post a lot about my friends and my boyfriends (I have two). I'm very involved in the Glasgow alternative/goth scene and I post about that. I also post thoughtful entries about self-discovery, I'm very involved in my own head. I'm well-read and I cross-reference frequently. I'm interested in being friends with people who break the mould, people whose lifestyles do not conform to society's expectations, like mine.

I think photos give a great insight into a person's world, so here are a few photos from Collapse )

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Всем привет! В своём журнале планирую писать о взаимоотношениях между мужчинами и женщинами, вернее парнями и девушками в основном из личного опыта. Добавляйтесь все, кроме занудных, скучных и неинтересных :)
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Hello, LiveJournalers.  My name is Tara, I've been on LJ for years but dropped it at the beginning of this year and since I haven't updated in forever, many of my friends have probably deleted me.  Many of them no longer update either.  So here I am, trying to get back into the swing of things.  I just graduated high school and am going to college in the fall.  I'm 18 years old and live in the state of Massachusetts.  I'm currently in a relationship with a guy named Christian.  I absolutely adore him.  My favorite music includes Billy Talent, Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Evanescence, Hollywood Undead, Twiztid, Kottonmouth Kings, Prozak, Subnoize Souljaz, Chevelle, Sick Puppies, Killswitch Engage, Papa Roach, Tech N9ne, Shinedown, Three Days Grace, The Misfits, Led Zeppelin, and Iron Maiden.  I have no fandoms, really.  I do watch some anime (Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu-Gi-Oh! [don't hate], .hack//SIGN, Cardcaptor Sakura... probably more, but I can't currently thing of any) but I do not obsess over them, I'm no otaku or weeaboo.  I play World of Warcraft (no lie, gnome mage on Bronzebeard), but recently I've gotten a bit bored of it.  My best friend's name is Tyler - I've known him for 13 years and we're very close.  I can tell him anything.  He's also been nicknamed Bunny.  I like sleeping, being on the internet, playing video games (I love Burnout Revenge and Super Mario Galaxy), watching movies, and watching cartoons.  I'm a Harry Potter nerd, I'll admit.  I'm always on Facebook.  I tend to complain a lot, but I try to keep it to a minimum on LiveJournal, and if I do get bitchy, I do my best to put it behind a cut.  Recently, my car broke down (RIP '95 Escort). :(  I love Pokemon (I have SoulSilver and Diamond and am willing to trade Friend Codes).  I have Xbox Live, though I never use it besides for Netflix Instant, but I have the Wii disk for that now.  I can be sarcastic and somewhat of a bitch (it's hereditary, I think), but I'm actually a rather nice person.  Feel free to add me, just leave me a comment on my friends only entry and let me know who you are.  :)