May 30th, 2010

antique street


 Noun; [an-jee-luh]

I made this journal about a month ago and am looking for new friends. : ) I'm very open-minded and love getting to know all sorts of people. The only thing that I'd ask is to take the time to comment once in a while, just so I know that you're still there. : ) I go through my entire friends page about two or three times a week and make it a point to have commented on at least one entry of all my lj friends. : ) 

My journal mainly consists of my poetry, photography, isms, and little snippets about myself and how I've spent my day/ anything interesting that's happened. My opinions on life and books and people et cetera, et cetera.

In saying this, I'll tell you a bit about myself...

I like; photography, artsy things, chunky glasses, beautiful "drawerings" of ugly things, e.e. cummings, literature, j.d. salinger, victorian literature, floral print, british accents, coffeeshops, coffee, tea parties, tea (namely green), laughing, making people smile, semicolons, wearing flow-y dresses, bright eyes, eyes in general, seeing people's veins and hearing their hearts beat, messy hair, thunderstorms, constellations, converse, guys on swings wearing vnecks

I dislike; wearing shoes. and writing about me's

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hey, everyone! my name is rachel, i'm 19/f (20 on june 7th) and i live in florida!

i'm looking for some fresh new personalities on my friends list, so i'll list a bunch of my passions/interests and if you find yourself thinking you enjoy the same thing and that we'll get along (i'm a super open-minded person), please let me know and i'll add you!
chai tea, dream theater, joanthan safran foer, my friends, animal rights, classic rock, iced coffee, reading, watching movies, late nights, good times with good friends, hair & makeup, subway, eating disorder awareness, robin williams, bill bailey, vegetarianism, liberalism, lgbt movement, sexuality, gender studies, civil rights, tattoos, smiling, laughing, peace & love, hippies, good hygiene, astrology, star gazing, peace corps, marijuana, social drinking, third world countries, studying abroad and, LAST BUT NOT LEAST, living life to the fullest! :)
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